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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Finds

I love shopping at thrift stores, yard sales and antique shops. I think it is the thrill I get when I find a deal. There is an adrenaline rush when I find that perfect object for my home and it isn't expensive but looks like it.

The weather has just started getting better and I know there will be sales popping up on every corner soon. In the meantime I have had some luck with early bird sales and antique shops. I have been looking for something I can redo or add to my entryway, where, by the way, my hutch is getting repainted. Pictures to be on here soon.

These are some of the fun finds I got. Let me know what you think.
This is the front and back of an old cottage shutter. I love the chippy paint and the color. Did you notice the center? You know how I am about stars because of my daughter so how could I resist this!

This mirror was only $25 and I think it was a steal. It is long and narrow would look great in my entryway but I am not sure yet where it will go.

I got two of these lamps for only $30. I am thinking about painting them and changing out the shades. They are in my sunroom and I think they would look better lighter. They have great bones though. Another project!

This little architectural piece is iron. I love the scroll work and at only $3 it was a great piece for my bedroom. I love it and it is different. I like having original art and odd pieces hanging in my home. Something no one else has when you visit their house.

Can't wait for the sales to start.....I wonder what fun find will come my way?


- Brittany said...


I'm hopping over as requested. And wow, what a score you got. I wish I had found that scroll work piece before you ;-). $3!! Really!!! STEAL!


P.s. Don't forget to turn off your word verification in Blogger (defaulted on). You'll get more comments ;0)

Jennifer Rizzo said...

That mirror is great! Good finds!