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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My obsession

Ok I have an obsession with a lot of things but I have to say I really love pears. The shape and colors just does it for me!
Things just keep popping up looking the same.
and I don't mind it because they look good anywhere......

I like to put them on a shelf in a collection or in a bowl on a table.....

I like them in a picture or a painting.....hmmmm Note to self: I need to paint these!

The problem with liking things a lot is that you really can't tell anyone or you will end up with a colony of them LOL. So don't tell OK!

What is your obsessive pieces in your home? Leave me a comment!!!


Catherine said...

You need professional help. This obsession with pears has gone too far! :P

Piorra Maison said...

so glad you could stop by. I am a pear fenatic too. as you can see my logo is a pear I painted myself. I hate to eat them but love to paint them,
I am your newest follower
good luck and take care
Au revoir

Carmenann said...

Hmmmm.....going to get you pears for your