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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving Things Around


After I painted the wardrobe this weekend I decided to move things around a little bit. I was taking advantage of having my daughter home to help me. I decided to move my kitchen table to my craft room.
I really don't need it because I have a table in my sun room and my dining room. I wanted to do a more relaxing coffee shop area.

I have an old couch that needs to be reupholstered and I want that to be one of my projects if I ever get the nerve to tackle it. I might need you guys to help me! So right now it has a sheet covering it. I tried to make it look presentable for the time being.

This is the way it looks with the table. I took things off of it so it looks bare but you'll get the point.

I added a half table and a coffee table to the mix. Threw on a sheet and pillows to hide the couch lol and here it is finished.

That's one of my paintings. I might have to paint the table too!

It is hard to get good pictures shooting into the light. I like this much better and it is a great little nook to read my magazines and drink my coffee. I added a lamp on the side of couch. I also moved the wardrobe to the hall at the back door and my painted dresser is near my couch in the sun room. That will be another post. Till then Good Luck on the giveaway I will post the winner tomorrow!

A special thank you to storiesofa2z for the Shabby Apple dress! It arrived this weekend!
Also to Not Just a Housewife for feature #5!!!! I really appreciate it! I hope there will be more!
More than anything thank you all who are following me now. I hope I live up to your expectations and you enjoy what you see here!

Have a wonderful day!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I think this was a great idea...what a wonderful new room you have here.


uruguay white life said...

I also think, you did a wonderful job - You can be proud of yourself !!!



Divine Theatre said...

I just painted a very similar table and added ormolu! Come see my Rags to Riches post!