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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ice Box Cake

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

It is very hot in Tennessee so unless you are sitting by a pool, the air conditioned house is the only relief.

For some reason I usually forget my camera in the kitchen. I love to cook and do so a lot! I happened to have it with me today. This recipe is easy and delicious.  Since it has been a while since I posted a recipe I feel like this should be the next one because it is great for summer.

Start with these ingredients.

1 box of Honey Maid Graham Crackers original flavor (I had the wrong box for picture)
1 box of cook n serve Jello chocolate pudding
1 box of cook n serve Jello vanilla pudding

Cook the pudding on the stove top as directed on the package.
Stir vanilla and chocolate in separate pots till it becomes thick

Line a 9x13 dish with Graham crackers

 Slice bananas to top crackers to your desired amount

Pour chocolate pudding over bananas and layer with another round of graham crackers

Layer the vanilla on top of the grahams for a second layer

Top with graham cracker crumbs and refrigerate

When chilled it is ready to serve!

It is a cool and refreshing dessert!



Carol said...

Now that looks super yummy!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You are a gal of many talents! This looks yummo...! TFS!! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Kelsey said...

YUMMM!!! That looks amazing! Thanks for your sweet comment on my mid century dresser! Made my day!! Your blog is super cute! :)

Anonymous said...

this looks really yummy and summery,,

Cheryl said...

That looks fabulous! Have you ever tried making a cake with a soda? one box of any kind of cake mix and one can of any flavor soda. No eggs or oil. Easy peasy and is pretty tasty!

Lisa said...

Easy and delicious, how great is that. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog till Monday night and I'd love it if you'd come by and link your cake up.