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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

East Ivy Mansion

In the 1800's East Ivy Mansion was built in historic Edgefield  located in Nashville, TN. Home to names like Senator Cooper and Bob Dylan. 

It is of an Italian Renaissance architecture with a lot of original features and exquisite furnishings which I will share below.

In 2014 I finally discovered it! Well that is because Ed Clay, owner, was kind enough to open it for a wonderful get together and tour.

 Karla from Fresh Collaborations and Dan from Blogging Concentrated sponsored the event. They are part of the Nashville Influencer's group I belong to. They shared some Facebook tips and Ed led us on a tour of this beautiful event venue.

I have I thing for doors and this place did not disappoint. These two were my favorite on the property.

East Ivy Mansion holds weddings, corporate events and even some red carpet events. 
Can you imagine have a wedding here?

44,000 square feet of beauty....

There were elegant light fixtures inside and out on the property. These were some outdoor chandeliers.

This is the covered are near the pool that I showed in the first picture.

There are gardens filled with ponds and greenery.

Loved this slate roof

Heading to the house, I took another picture in the courtyard of the ironwork on the balcony from below. 

This is the view looking out from above. It is connected to one of the bedrooms. If you book an event here on a Saturday, you can have up to sixteen guests spend the night in the mansion.
 How awesome is that?

The furniture and details of the home where stunning. Here are a few rooms to enjoy. Lots of Pics!
warning:phone pictures

Ed let us see a secret room on the top floor of the mansion. It is usually closed off. We went up very steep steps to the top. It was a small room with an awesome view of the city. He has plans to do something special with it.

I can only imagine how beautiful this could be.

I forgot where I was when I entered the gates of the mansion I have already told my daughter to remember this place when she decides to get married!
Hope I don't have to wait that long to go back and enjoy it.

Thanks Ed for opening up your elegant place.
Much success to you!

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How pretty Deneen! What a fun place to visit and what a fun group to be a part of. That picture of the steep stairs made me a little dizzy! LOL!