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Friday, July 1, 2016

DIY Drink Station

Are you getting ready to entertain this weekend?

Although I love to entertain outdoors, I do not love the heat or mosquitoes. BBQing and backyard games are fun. We usually set up our volleyball net and get our grill started and have a blast. We drink a lot due to the heat so this year I decided to make an drink station so everyone can help themselves.

I purchased two large crates and one medium. I love the dark stain to these. Stack the two together with open side facing forward. You can leave or secure with small wood screws. Then I placed the medium one upside down to make a tabletop.

This becomes the stand to hold all the drinks.

 soda and ice filled the tub

Adding glasses to the first shelf and a sign that said "Cool Drinks" written on a chalkboard added to the design
I found a great bottle opener for the side of the crate. It collects the discarded tops for easy clean up. I hammered a nail to the side so it can hang there.

Homemade lemonade with added sliced lemons and raspberries always quenches my thirst. Of course I had to have some pretty paper straws to go with it!

My favorite thing was the cookie bags. I bought some festive iced cookies for a treat and added some red and white checked bags so they can take them home if they like. It was a cute party favor. They looked to plain though so I had to do something to the front that was simple.

So I clipped a hand written note that said "A sweet ending to a Wonderful Day"

This was so easy to do and I think it was a fun idea. I can think of so many other things to do with this drink station.

 How about an ice cream station?

Either way I hope you sit down, relax, enjoy a drink and make memories!
That is what life is all about!


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