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Thursday, January 31, 2013

SNAP-My First Trip of 2013

If you remember my post the other day, I wrote about traveling this year and I got a very special surprise in my mailbox! I have gotten so many responses giving me advice on my rip so thank you so much! I will need all he help I can get making these decisions. In the meantime I will be traveling again.

This time to Utah!! I have never been to Utah but I have seen pictures and it is beautiful. This will be my first trip this year!


Several months ago , I got the chance to buy a ticket to SNAP! A blogging convention for creative bloggers.
I had heard about this when I was at Haven last year. Everyone that attended loved it. It will be held at Thanksgiving Point. Love that name.

There are gardens and shops on the complex and the views are awesome.

I can't wait to connect with so many creative people. If you are one of them please let me know!!

Thank you so much for all the Blogiversary wishes. Congratulations to the winner! You have 48hours to get in touch with me. I will choose another winner after that. Thanks!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coffee Sack Ideas {Lavender Hearts}

Does lavender and coffee go together? It does now!

I am seeing stuffed hearts everywhere right now. I love how cute they are. I have seen paper, vintage fabric, pillows and mod podge hearts. I haven't seen any coffee sack ideas though. I purchased a lot of coffee sacks awhile back and I have been enjoying new coffee sack ideas ever since,

Some coffee sack ideas I have made are, a lined display table and a lined cooler, to name a few. I love dreaming up different things to do with them. They have the neatest prints, textures and colors.

I used a scrap piece I have saved. This one had an Aqua Stripe!

It has a farmhouse feel.

I love the raw edges. I stuffed it with Lavender buds and hand stitched the word "Love" on it.

It is so sweet. I just traced a heart and cut two piece from my scrap and sewed together leaving ends to fray. I stuffed with lavender and sewed the remainder closed. I wrote love on top as a pattern to stitch by. It is a simple project that is probably one of my favorites.

Sometimes simple is better.

There is also something about small things....It is a big package of love.

Which is fitting for anytime but Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So someone is getting a surprise!

Have any other Coffee Sack Ideas?
I would love to know!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Where to Go? {Don't know but I am Going Places}

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I am so excited. It is January 28th and I am living up to my "Word" of the year. I firmly believe you have to write things down and visualize your goals. You also have to get off your butt and do something about it!!

I really want to travel more. My husband surprised me for Christmas and wants to take me somewhere I choose. I really want to go overseas. I have never traveled to Europe. I have been to a few islands but never Europe.

One problem. I need to get a passport. I can't believe I have never applied for one. How can I travel out of the US without one? That is what I mean. If you have it, you will have more of a chance of using it!

So guess what came in the mail this weekend?

I feel a little closer to the dream! Now I have to decide where I am going for sure and plan a trip.
I am leaning towards.....




After seeing these, it is hard to go anywhere else but Italy!!

There are a lot of beautiful places to got to. I would love your thoughts. If you have been to Italy , please share some tips. Where have you been that I should look into??

I can really use your help!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Football Fans Fun {Now Lets Eat}

Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl is approaching and that's is when we get together to have fun and root on our team!! Only problem is my teams are not in it this year. See I secretly root for two teams shhhhhh!

So I will do what every American football fan does on Super Bowl Sunday,,,,,watch the commercials!
I will also cook some really good stuff and eat to my hearts content. I give myself permission on holidays. Yes I consider this one because we all get together and celebrate.

One of the things on the menu this year is Sausage Roll Ups. An easy and scrumptious recipe. Only 3 ingredients needed. This is a great appetizer to try.

1lb Sausage
1c shredded cheddar cheese
1 can of Pillsbury Cresent Rolls

Brown ground sausage til golden and crumbly. Unroll cresents into 4 rectangles pinch together the two triangle sections to form 4 rectangles. Pat dough a little thinner, Sprinkle cheese in each section, add sausage crumbles. Roll rectangles starting with short side and place on a cookie sheet. You should have four loaves. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool, Slice into pinwheel slices or leave in loaf.
Serve with Dijon mustard.

Everyone will love these and if you are throwing a party there is no stress here!

It is a great combination of sweet and savory! So who are you hoping wins? The Ravens or the 49ers? 

I put my money on the Budweiser horses! Now you can share in the fun and join the other blogs for some great recipes.

Don't forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway!

Twice Baked Potatoes from The Country Chic Cottage
Assorted Appetizers from Mural Maker
Sausage and Cream Cheese Pockets from Mom 4 Real
Bacon and Cheese Fries from A Step in the Journey
Charleston Cheese Dip from Unskinny Boppy
Jalapeno Chicken Spirals from Setting for Four
Greek Veggie Pizza from Mrs. Greene
Creamy Pizza Dip from Just Shaken Together
Grilled Jalapeno Poppers from Mad in Crafts
Meatloaf Bites from The Shabby Creek Cottage
Ham and Cheese Roll Ups from Mom Endeavors

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interior Decoration {Anthropologie Inspired Mirror}

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Who says you have to go to Interior Design School?  School is a good thing but there is so much to learn now online. Looking at blogs and magazines, there are many designers teaching you everyday. Google+ has videos. Pinterest has become an online design school where we can pin the latest designers work with step by step instructions. Another favorite place to get my "online interior design school" inspiration is surfing through catalogs. All the great stores and designers are on the web. A design school mecca. I also like going to the stores. A big inspiration, was last month when I was in NYC, all the design elements were amazing. Loved the accessories too.

As I was looking at stores, I remembered one I was in that had a beautiful mirror adorned with a pine cone looking flower. It was in Anthropologie of course! Always good inspiration there. So I snapped a picture of the interior decoration. I was going to knock it off!

I really didn't want to use my framed mirrors. I wanted to do something different. I purchased a box of plain mirror tiles. They are very inexpensive. I only needed one so I put the others away for another project.

I needed something to mount it on so I put together some garden stakes for a platform. I applied a watered down paint to the boards so the wood grain would show. I used blue, green and white, alternating the colors.

I glued the sticks together with wood glue and attached with screws, two flat wooden paintsticks to the back to hold it together.

I used two mirror hinges and screwed them to the back for hanging on the wall. Measured down equally on both sides.

Then I started cutting pine cones, and cutting and cutting. Little flowers just like the flowers I made for the Shabby Chic Pine Cone Frames I made.

Aren't the so pretty? I love they way they look. There are so many things you can make with these. I know your mind is turning.

I used liquid nails for the back of mirror and attached it to the painted side of the board. I attached it and forgot to take a picture AAAAhhhhhhhhh then I took it off that is why the glue looks this way.

I continued gluing around the mirror. Alternating sizes. I even used the bottom of one turned upside down.

Let dry and hand or leave on a shelf. I hung it on the wall in my sun room. The colors look so nice in there.

So this is my version of the original. My knock-off decor. Interior design comes in all ways. Online, magazines, stores etc.  Aren't we lucky to have all these wonderful places to get inspiration? Adding your own personal style and creativity to it makes it perfect for you.

I hope you like it and create something for yourself. I hope I inspired you to see something different!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Years and Still Going: GIVEAWAY!

I just realized that it is my two year blogiversary. Wow! What a ride it has been!

 When I started I had no idea that there would be amazing people that would read my blog and some that I would actually meet!

 A Blogiversary. So what does this all mean? It means I am still plugging away doing projects and having a blast, doing the things I really love and sharing with you.

Several months ago I started my Facebook page, and recently started to tweet with Twitter! I am on Google+ and Instagram too! I would never have thought I would be doing any of these things. I am not very computer savvy. Probably why I don't have my icons up yet!! Please click the links though and follow me, tweet me, like me. add me, ......whew!

We are crazy that way aren't we?

I want to do a giveaway to celebrate. What to do? What to do? How about your choice?

                 Any item in my ETSY shop!

This was last years popular giveaway.......Will you choose it again?

What do you have to do?
Of course be a follower!
Click below. The contest runs till the end of the month! Good Luck!

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Thank you so much for being part of my journey! I really appreciate having you here!! Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

Happy Blogging!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake with Pudding Mix

This is by all means no ordinary chocolate cake. This is a Chocolate Ganache Cake made with a box mix. Yes you heard right, a box mix. It literally is the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted! To be honest, I thought I have shared this with you long before now but as I was searching my blog it was nowhere to be found. I apologize for that. You have been neglected but not today. Today I share this decadent cake.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I felt some of you would be searching for some chocolate treats. If you make a romantic dinner, you may want to try this no stress recipe.

I made this cake yesterday for a blogger get together at Gina's house. You may know Gina,  Not only did she share some blogging knowledge with us, she made a wonderful lunch for us. You can read about it here.

I think I can say it was a hit! This cake is a chocolate lovers dream. No Kidding! I am drooling just thinking about it. Kinda like Channing Tatum!!!! Umm ....well......maybe not that good.

Honestly....Look at these pictures....If your mouth isn't watering right now, check your pulse!

Now you get to make it yourself!


1 Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake mix
1 8oz Cream Cheese
1 c sour cream
1/2 c water
1 pkg instant chocolate pudding
1 c semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 eggs

Mix all ingredients together. Pour into a greased tube pan. Bake for 1 hour @350 degrees


1c semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/3 c water
2T butter
1t vanilla

Melt, stir, cool and drizzle over cake. Cut, eat, enjoy! :)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine Breakfast {The World's Best Waffles}

Valentines.... it's all about love. How do you show some one you love them? We all have our special ways. In our house my husband is more analytical and sweet. I am more sentimental and creative.

One of the things he will do for me on the weekend is cook breakfast.....very sweet!
We own a vintage waffle maker that we have used since we were married. He has a special recipe he uses that I will share with you. He tells me the key is the butter. (that is no surprise!) Buttering the waffle iron thoroughly and when you take them off butter them while they are hot.

I love when we are in the kitchen together. When the waffles came out I decided to get creative and practice for Valentine's Day. I used a vintage cookie cutter to make my heart shapes.

Telling someone you love them by cooking for them is real love in my book! For me, I also show love by how it is presented.

A beautiful plate...A carved garnish...whatever you choose to put your special mark on the meal.

This happened to be the perfect plate for this breakfast. The strawberry hearts add that little sumptin'sumptin'

I will do this again on Valentine's. You see we both celebrate Valentine's Day and then I celebrate his birthday. Ain't that special! He is a Valentine baby...

Delicious Valentine's Day's best!

2 cups all purpose flour
1tsp salt
4tsp baking powder
11/2 cups milk
1/3 cup melted butter....extra for waffle iron and topping
1tsp vanilla

In a bowl mix first 6 ingredients set aside. In next bowl combine eggs, milk, butter and vanilla. Pour milk mixture into flour and beat until blended. Laddle into preheated buttered waffle iron
Cook till golden. Top with butter while hot. Cut hearts with cookie cutter. Serve with syrup and garnish with fresh strawberries. Dust with confectioner's sugar.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Valentine Art {Love Gifts}

Last year I got this idea when I was out shopping. It was going to be a knock off decor project. I wrote it down but never did it. I do that a lot. Do you? I have lots of ideas but sometimes they never come to be.

Not today. Today was different. Probably because it was raining this morning when I started this, or maybe because I found a Christmas heart ornament left out that got my wondering what I can make with it so I didn't have to pull out the box it was supposed to go in!!

 So that's when it happened.....I remembered the project. These days that is quite an accomplishment since I don't remember what I just said

I combined an old handwritten graphic from The Graphic Fairy and a my handwritten chalk print.

If you want to create this for your home or a gift, I have a tutorial for you below

I started with a piece of foam core and cut a square in shape of my frame. NOTE: Make sure you score the board before you cut all the way through and use a sharp knife. My mistake was not changing my blade! So don't look too

I painted the front with Annie Sloan Graphite paint.

When it dries use a piece of chalk to cure the board. Do this on all hand painted chalkboards
before you write on them.

After this is done wipe with a cloth. Now you are ready to write on it. I chose the word "Amour" I wrote in different fonts. I didn't trace or use anything to make it perfect. I wanted it to look natural.

I downloaded this graphic from The Graphic Fairy.

I love the old style poem. The cupid goes with my Valentine theme.

I glued it to the back of the board.

I then glued a paper clip to the top as my hanger,

You can cover the back with pretty paper to give it a finished look.

Then I applied my "orphaned ornament" with E6000 to the center of the graphic.

I love that it had a little sparkle to it and the glass gave it a higher end look.

This didn't cost my anything to make because I had all of this on hand. I hope you give it a try! I have it sitting on my mantle right now deciding if I should keep it.

I think it would be sweet to paint something on the heart. Someone's name perhaps....

How are you "Giving Your Heart Away"?

BWS tips buttontessacotton

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magazine Storage Black End Table

It is a dreary day today in Tennessee. I have been stuck with a stiff neck for a few days and nothing is getting done!!! I did manage to paint this Magazine Storage Black End Table.

I have painted end tables in the past like my compass table and butterfly table, but nothing like this one. It had the craziest shape I had ever seen. I really didn't know what the sides were for. I asked several people and they told my for paper and Magazines.

I like different so I made the purchase. I was a little perplexed in how I was going to paint it. I fist thought I would paint white because the wood was dark but then I came across this paper and decided on black.

I have worked with paper before like my red cabinet and french script cabinet. If you looked at my french script cabinet you can see I screwed up it can be difficult to work with but I love the contrast it has.

Like I said it has a weird shape. And it really is ugly!

Have you ever seen one like this? It was a pain to paint because of all the dowels. I used a real black latex because I like a true black color. I only papered the sides.

I used mod podge and wrapped the paper around the sides. This little table is great for storage. I placed a few books on it but it really holds a lot more. These are the things that are great sellers.
Easy furniture to pick up and put in your car.

It really made the difference! I love the contrast too!

I didn't properly thank Sissie at Sissie's Shabby Cottage for featuring my Angel Thank you!!! Not only did she do a post about them, she put her in her booth!!! Her came out better then mine I might add!!!

Thanks to all of you for following me, featuring my things and being an inspiration!