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Monday, February 20, 2017

Fairy Garden Centerpiece

Adding a little spring to my home after winter is so important to me. I long for the flowers and colors after the cold snow and bare trees. One of the special parts of spring to me is looking out my window in my sun room and watching the baby rabbits play. I watch them throughout the summer as they grow. 

I usually start decorating as soon as Valentine's Day is over. I start introducing spring and rabbits to my decor. I keep rabbits out all year but gather them for a collected look for Easter.

Creating a new centerpiece every year that is different from the last is always a challenge. This year I decided to bring the outdoors in with a Fairy Garden Spring Centerpiece. I haven't really created a fairy garden. I did however showcase my friend's fairy garden. I loved it. So with a little twist to the norm I created this one.

Fairy garden accessories in baskets for a centerpiece is a little twist.

Filling the top of the basket with styrofoam will allow for the grass patch and fairy garden picks to be added. It also fills the area to raise everything to the top.

There are many miniature pieces to choose from. I have a love for miniatures and have used them for many years in different ways. Doll houses and design and now fairy gardens.

I mimicked my backyard with the frolicking bunnies as my design.

I gathered some beautiful silk flower stems and tossed on the table to look like fresh cutting from the garden. I have to tell you the look so real. I love the colors too. The best part of my backyard is gathering the fresh flowers as they bloom. My spring flowers are the prettiest and are more abundant.

They look real right?

I had to attach an arched door to the side of the basket. It was so Fairy-like. It was the finishing touch.

It is whimsical and sweet.

This fairy garden spring centerpiece will last a long time on my table. This decor is timeless.
Spring beauty to enjoy everyday.

This idea can be used outside too. Fairy gardens are flexible. Try this in a flower pot on your porch.

The sunshine peered through the window and the colors seemed to intensify. Looking at this makes me happy and brings back sweet memories of spring days in my garden and also of my youth. I am ready for the colors to start rushing back and the wind to sing the song of spring.