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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



I had this image stuck on the computer and forgot to show it to you. This buffet went with the table and chairs set I wrote about here. I painted it Paris Grey and slightly distressed it. 

I kept the original hardware on this one. Sometimes I do that but not often. If you have been around here awhile you know I like my knobs! LOL

This is the after. The day I moved into my new space in Franklin Tennessee. The Arbor! Look at the detailing.

It has sold but I am working on another one that got me thinking that I forgot to show you this one.

This is our garden room at The Arbor. It is ready for some spring goodness!

This is the bathroom that has been converted for the space. Love little cubbies.

This is the other room. The room with a fireplace! It is a mess because I took this on the day we moved in.  I say WE because I share this space with my friend Mary. 

There are so many things we are involved in that it helps to share a space or two ;)
It helps us to focus on other opportunities, like designing another bridal show on March 11th! 

Spring is here! It is in the 70's today!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broadway Bound

I was in Atlanta again watching my girl on stage! Always the highlight for me :)

The Georgia Shakespeare Company did a workshop production. They brought Oedipus Rex into a modern hiphop jazz musical. This will be a play that is part of their 2012 season and the Oglethorpe Theatre students had their hand in the making of it!

This ranks up there as one of my favorite plays that Catherine has done.

I am so proud of her! Just had to brag a bit!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes Old is New Again

Just when you think something is old it shows up again. I was excited to see my paint stick flag featured at

Design. Dining, and Diapers

She featured several projects that were done with paint sticks. I forgot what it was like to be featured. It has been awhile. I like it!!

If you have time go check them out!

In the meantime go to my post and read how to make one for your next patriotic party!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blogging Conference

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people before the Blissdom conference. I am not attending Blissdom but the Middle Tennessee Bloggers met for a lunch and invited a few girls that were attending Blissdom.

I got to meet Alison of House of Hepworth, Gail for My Repurposed Life, Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl, Rose from Confessions of a Curbshopaholic, Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps, Erin from Two Story Cottage, and Lisa from Condo Blues/Lazy Budget Chef.
The came from Texas to New York! And of course all my local blogging friends were there too!

It made me sad that I didn't get tickets to go to Blissdom. You see, after the HGTV shoot with Rhoda from Southern Hospitality I decided to attend Haven in Atlanta, Georgia instead! I am very excited to go. This little lunch even got me more pumped considering all the great people I was meeting!

There is still time to get tickets! I would love to meet all of you. If you are going to go please let me know so I can make sure to seek you out!

Haven Conference 2012

There will be some great people there. 

Haven is a two-day conference June 21-22, 2012 that will allow people to learn from and gather with some of the most notable DIY/Home bloggers in blogland. Conference sessions will focus on DIY instruction with a mix of blogging and social media. 

Hope to see you there in June!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Make a Dress Form

If you read my post yesterday "Designing A Bridal Show" you may have seen a little sneak peak of my dress form.

A few weeks ago I attended The Vintage Marketplace and got inspired when I saw a chicken wire dress form. Then my friend Jennifer made one because she got inspired from the same place!! I had already bought my chicken wire when I saw hers so I knew I had to go through with it!!!

So what better place to make her debut!

I knew I wanted her for one of my special items for the Bridal show I had decided to make a vintage burlap and lace dress form to showcase there.

I started out with a floor candlestick. You could also use a floor lamp,. Anything to give you the height it needs.

Don't pay any mind to the mess in the background :)

Because I used a candle holder I found a cylinder to put it the candle spot to form a neck and wrapped in burlap.

 I then cut chicken wire and molded with my hands a torso to put on pole and wired the back and front together.

 I cut up a vintage wedding gown and strips of burlap and vintage lace. The fun of this is to just scatter the pieces. Do not make it look to perfect!

I also put a hoop under the chicken wire to keep the form. You can use an embroidery hoop also. Start attaching strips by threading into the holes of the chicken wire. Some are just hanging others are tied in knots to give it interest.

I then added some vintage piano paper to it because I liked the curl. Any paper will work just play with it.

I added handmade jewelry to the neck and made sure she looked like I wanted.

All and all I think it made the perfect prop for the Bridal Show!

Pin It

Now I can't wait to make more of these! There are so many fun possibilities!

What do you think? Are you going to make one? Let me know when you do and I will feature you here!

My other dilemma is I want to name her!! Can you help me name her? Just leave your comment!!

Come see me!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Designing a Bridal Show

Sorry it has been awhile that I have posted but I have been a little busy designing. Remember I told you there was a lot of exciting things happening! I have designed a lot of events over the years ranging from dances to banquets to brunches and teas! I have even designed some weddings. It may have been the start of the journey that got me to this next one!

This weekend was The Pink Bride Bridal Show in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

The day started out rainy and snowy but that didn't stop us or the hundreds of brides getting ready for their big day!

I was designing the event for Catalyst Wedding & Events.

 This isn't your ordinary event planner. Danielle, the organizer and creator of Catalyst, came up with an extraordinary idea, giving back!! Say "I Do" to being the change!

"Our mission is to create a lasting legacy as we help couples nationwide turn their wedding dreams into reality. Assisting in coordinating and designing, Catalyst Weddings & Events provides unlimited ways to give back creatively through every process of your big event. Say “I do” to being the change and making your wedding a life-changing experience that you, your guests and all the lives impacted will always remember!"

Great concept isn't it! It goes with her dynamic personality!

This is the sign I made to be used in the space.

This is how the space started.

I took the picture while we were setting up.

I have so many special things to show you but don't want to take up the post with to many photos and text. I will show you over the next couple of day the details that made this so special.

My friend Mary and I sketched out our ideas and created and designed a beautiful vintage display. We make quite the pair! We bounce off creative ideas that blossom into so many wonderful creations!
We work so well together and have a great partnership! We get really crazy and goofy but that's what makes it fun!

Creating a vignette on an antique dresser...

An old chair became a beautiful floral arrangement.

Brown paper faux frames made out of chalk became a wall papered back drop

Every detail was carefully thought out!

We were very pleased with the display! We received so many wonderful compliments that I can't begin to tell you how great it made us feel. All the hard work paid off in the end!
Thanks Danielle! Also thank you to Fred and Donna of Pink Bride Magazine for the many compliments of our space!

I will show you more of the details tomorrow!

Tell me what you think of it!

If you are getting married check out Catalyst Wedding and Events! Don't worry if you missed this one, we will be designing a totally different show on March 11th at the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs! 

If you are interested in designing services contact me here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Make a Ruffled Drum Shade

I have to say I kinda lucked up on this idea.Let me start from the beginning.

Last week I told you there was some exciting things going on. One of those things is I got asked to design a space for a bridal show this weekend! I will tell you all the wonderful ideas and show you all the pictures of this soon.

As I was shopping in the dollar store for some inexpensive supplies, I came across a sink mat. I know, what does a sink mat have to do with a drum shade?

I loved the tiny squares and thought it would look great as a ruffled panel for the Bridal Show. So I bought some coffee filters and went to work.

I started to gather the filters as a flower by cupping my fist and with one finger pushing it down.

Then I pushed the bottom into the sink mat squares. I did this to every other one till it was filled.

I started to connect them with wire so I could have my ruffled panel and my mind started thinking of something else.

I made a cylinder shape and wired it together. It looked just like a drum shade. I then just made it to slipcover if you will, the existing shade.  It could become the shade by itself too with some wire.
For just a couple of dollars it transformed into a beautiful drum shade.

Even with the lamp on it was still adorable!

You just never know what you can come up with when you look at something in a different way.

Again thanks to the dollar store for giving me the tools to think outside the box!!!

Now I have to take it apart so I can make my panel. I got a little side tracked and I still have lots to do. What till you see!!!!!

Go ahead and try something different today!

homeworkBeyond The Picket Fence

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Effects of Gamma Rays

This weekend I made a trip to Atlanta. Some of the best times are spent there! I love to go there to shop and I even made a trip to do an HGTV pilot this past summer. The most exciting thing for me though is when I go see my daughter perform on stage.

This play written by Paul Zindel is "The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds.

Catherine played "Ruth" a girl with many problems who is mentally unstable. A great role with many dimensions. One of her dream roles.

Unfortunately the pictures always come out weird because of the lighting. Also I am not much of a photographer!

I always love watching her facial expressions on stage and off!!

The bunny named Peter real name T-Pain lol.

Although it was kind of a depressing play, I still enjoyed the meaning behind it.

I usually do something for Catherine as a keepsake for her plays. She has had so many that she can look back on and remember.

This one was hard for me. I decided to make her something. So out came the good ole peat pot.

I stamped her character name on the back.

Ripped out a dictionary page with the definition of Gamma Rays and Mod-Podged to the pot along with a print of the program.

Filled it with marigold seeds and a diffuser with a bloom on top. Added some money and presto a keepsake for her to remember.
Over the years I have made many things. I love doing something special to represent the plays. Of course flowers are great but getting something that represents the actual play is priceless. I hope she will look back at this someday and remember all the great roles she has had.

Catherine will be performing February 23, 24, and 25th with  Georgia Shakespeare's production of "Blind Ed" If you are in Atlanta come check it out and support the arts!! Will be held at the Conant Theater on the Oglethorpe University Campus.