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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

French Farmhouse Hutch: The Rest of the Story

After posting my French Farmhouse Hutch on Monday, I decided I wanted to show you what it took to transform it. You can click on the link above to see all the beautiful details.

But this is the beginning....The rest of the story.....

Obviously the before is not pretty!

I bought it second hand. It was one of those deals you don't want to pass up. That is until you bring it home and wonder what the heck you are thinking.

One thing about hutches.....they are heavy.

And this old girl feels every lift and tug.

But I also love good transformations. And this was no exception.

It all started like this YUK!!

Did you see it? Take a look again.....

This happened as my friend and I were lifting it out of the car. It fell on the headrest and busted a hole in the back of it.

Great more work...

I had wanted to put fabric on the back of this piece anyway but when this happened I knew I would! I had bought this to go into the Barn Sale I was in but never got to it.

My friend Vonda did a beautiful hutch so I knew there would be one in the booth. When I saw hers it confirmed my decision to use fabric. She had used it on hers and it was stunning. You might see it in the link above or here.

So now I was ready to get it done.

I had to replace the whole back though. I removed all the nails and had a piece of board cut to fit.

Since the back was out, the inside was a lot easier to paint. I also wanted to remove the glass and put in chicken wire.

I taped the glass so that when I broke it the pieces wouldn't shatter everywhere.

Then I saw that the inside of the glass had rubber holding it in. All I had to do was remove that and the glass came out easily without having to break it.

I then cut the chicken wire.

Chicken wire is like torture! As you cut it, it cuts you back. I guess it is revenge!

My hands are still healing!

I bought fabric for the back and cut it to fit. Placed the back on and hammered the nails that were in the last board.

I replaced the horrid hardware and painted it. Love the before and after.

If you ever question a piece.....look at the details. Because when you paint it those are the things that matter most.

Those are the things that breathe a new breath in the piece

I just had to tell you the rest of the story!


Scroll down page to look for the wooden letter and you will see prizes and lots of comments. Just leave your comment there. That is all you have to do! Good Luck!

Monday, February 25, 2013

French Farmhouse Hutch

I am writing this post as I watch the Oscars..... Playing Oscar bingo and tabulating my votes for the winners.

Can someone say multi-tasker?

This piece of furniture ranks up there as one of my favorites. It was a lot of work but one thing about furniture painting and repurposing, is the creation and showing more that just painting.

I feel this piece represents that the best.

I am so happy with every details from the chicken wire to the fabric to the multi-layered paint.

I created a two-tone color of Old white and Paris with a loose brushstroke and blending the two slightly.

There is just enough distressing to make it look natural.

This piece had some great details too from the molding to the curvy legs.

I used white paint to highlight some areas and dry brushed the rest.

I changed all the knobs because the originals were just awful! I removed the glass added chicken wire to give it a farmhouse feel.

I added French script fabric to the back and created the french feel to finish the piece.

And I have to say I am in love......

Too bad she is for sale.....

Until then I will enjoy looking at her!

UPDATE: To see The Rest of the Story CLICK HERE!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Books, Books, What to do with Books?

I haven't always been in love with books. As a little girl I only wanted to read mystery books.

I hated the books you "had" to read in school.

As I got older that changed.

When I had children I wanted them to love books so I purchased the ones they wanted to read. I also purchased a lot of educational books. Science, Art, Social Studies Poems and plays etc.

When they fell in love with books I was happy.

When they were older I  started teaching their speech and debate team. My love for books came to play with this competition team.

We won many events including Nationals.

Now here I am on my blog ripping them, pasting them, painting them stacking them! Holy Cow!

 I used to tell my kids "Books are for reading take care of them never hurt them and you will have them forever.

And believe me we do. ( I am working on my bonus room book clutter as we speak)

Lots of money put out for books but I didn't care.

And my little "problem" well I only use the ones I buy that are beyond repair. (thrift store)

I didn't mind spending money on books till I had to buy college books. BREAK the BANK!

That is why when Campus Book Rentals asked me to write a post about books I was excited.

My children rented books in college so I know this is a great way to save money. Now they have a new program, where, not only can the students save money, they can rent to other students and start MAKING money!

How cool is that?

The program is Rent Back.  Rent Back is a new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own - to other students... which is great because it makes them 2-4x more money compared to what they'd make through buyback options! (selling their books back at the end of the semester)

So if you have kids in college or on their way, check out this awesome program!

disclaimer:. I am being compensated to write this post This post was written by me and with my own opinions.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Animal Paintings and more

Do you ever feel like projects never end?

 I move from one

to another

to another.

At least I have a theme going.


I painted an animal painting again. This time of my baby.

I think it was even harder because I wanted to get some of his personality.

I wanted to show how much love he has.

I wanted to show how much he adores us in his eyes.

I started with a picture...

I love his sweet lips and whiskers

I am really enjoying painting the portraits. It is another way to be creative. Painting has come and gone with me throughout the years. So glad it has stuck around this time.

To be honest the first one I did, I hated. I had it all wrong. He looked so much older and I had the wrong colors.

I know what you are saying...."He is a black dog how hard can it be?"

Believe me I think they are harder to paint. Any of my painting buddies agree?

So here he is....

It isn't perfect but no painting is. Best part is the family loves it and thinks it is!

I love a happy ending...

REMEMBER: If you want one of your pet, you can order HERE... you can also see another painting I did.

Then I painted one of my favorite pieces of furniture to date. I cannot wait to show you!

I am also thinking of painting my living room too. I found a couch I want and will probably order tonight.

So much to do so little time.

..........And I finally called a travel agent to get info on my trip!! Breathe.....Breathe......Breathe.......

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I found a really different shelf.

Only a blogger can make a shelf something interesting. Huh?

I think someone made it.  It is old and made of wood.

The thing that got me was the shape. It looked like a little house.

and it had some cubbies........we all love cubbies.

When I bought it, I knew it would make a great display shelf.

I wanted to play off the shape and turn it into a cubby for my birds.

A little bit of paint did the trick.

I added cute little numbers to it. My numbers gave it some whimsy.

I used numbers that are used for clocks. I bought them from Hobby Lobby to keep for fun projects like this one.  It is like giving my birdies an address.

and I am yearning for spring

so this little project made me feel like it is just around the corner

I love my nest too......

more hope for spring

And as I sit in my sun room with the sun streaming in through the window, I feel it is close

So this might be a small project redo but I love the way it came out and how it represents something new and fresh

Now my birds sit proud as they await the crackling of the egg.......

                                                      Isn't that what spring is about?

                                                         Aren't you ready for it?

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Monday, February 18, 2013

White Buffet

Getting back to work after a nice break and feeling refreshed! I just finished a white buffet that I am loving! It has that shabby chic appeal to it. I love buffets. I recently moved my dining room buffet into the living room for my TV.

I know, I said I would never move it!! Never say never.

This buffet is different than any I have done before. That always makes it fun.

I absolutely love all the details. I light painted over them and let the natural wood shine through. I love the spindly legs.

It is painted in white and waxed in clear. I let the paint technique be the distressing.

I left the original hardware on it and add a little paint to them also.

I have changed the hardware before on this buffet but when the hardware is awesome I leave it.

The drawers in this piece are awesome. One with dividers and the other is so deep.
Yes I hid some of my Christmas stuff in it. (You got me)

This is the before

Don't mind my mess!!

I know this piece won't last long. If it doesn't sell I don't mind having it for awhile :)

Buffet and hutches are my favorite thing to paint and sell!

Do you have a favorite thing to sell? What is it? 
Every area is different. What sells best for you?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Moment A Love Story

Two guys went down the street on a motorcycle.

This is not some Brokeback Mountain story.

No, this is not some silly joke either, this is my love story.

I had just got back from the lake with my girlfriends. Needless to say, I looked my worse with slimy Hawaiian Tropic and lake hair. 

You know lake hair is when your hair sticks together and you seem to have fake dreads like some Bob Marley look alike.

One of the girls yelled to the two guys that just passed my house and I cringed!

Were they crazy look at us! 


Before I knew it they turned around.

When they pulled into the driveway,

This guy got off the motorcycle , took off his helmet, and looked into my eyes.

He had the most beautiful green eyes. I got a flutter in my stomach.

We talked for quite awhile and then I had to go in and take a shower.

I knew no guy in his right mind would be interested in me now after seeing me like that!

And it didn't stop there...

When I got prettied up I went back out and we played frisbee.

Sweat again! Yuk!

Then we went swimming in his friends pool. It was just a few houses down.

I know I am a glutten for punishment.

That is when we made the plan to go out on a date....

The next day I anticipated how the night would turn out.

You see he had to work but was meeting me and my friends at the Wave Pool.

Do you see a trend?

I was nervous to go out with him alone. So we had this group thing at the pool. I had a wonderful time. We talked for hours and laughed. I think he liked me even with the crud in my hair from the chlorine. What a sight it must have been.

Then he asked me to dinner and I again invited everyone to go with us.

I felt so comfortable with him. I never stopped smiling....

Then we drove to the dam. That is were the couples park. 

But remember we had people with us so the romance was adrift.

Then it happened....they left us and started walking along the water's edge.

We were out of the car sitting on the curb. Again I was talking.

and talking....

maybe it was nerves but I couldn't shut up. (fast forward to now) ok it wasn't nerves.

Then he did it. He grabbed my chin, turned my head to his, looked me in the eyes....

and kissed me.

Everything else disappeared.

Butterflies are still in my stomach when I think of that moment. The moment I fell in love. 

Later, he told me, he went home that night and told his mom that he met the girl he was going to marry. (we dated for 4 years and the he finally asked me)

How romantic!

So today, on Valentine's Day, 32 years later from when we first met, (June 14th), I wanted to share this story with you.

And relive the moment again that I secretly keep in my thoughts and pull out from time to time when I need those "butterflies" to remind me how strong our love is.

When I feel less than beautiful I remember my Bob Marley moment and it reminds me that he fell in love with me anyway.

And I think of those green eyes and I still melt.

So honey if you are reading this....Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday!

Yes it is his birthday today.

I love you!

........................How romantic!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to make Porcelain Roses/A Flower's Meaning

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I am sure people are scrambling for those last minute gifts and cards. There will be many flowers purchased and delivered. Or you can make one! This is how to make a porcelain rose. (Well a faux one)You can choose any color. I chose white for Purity and innocence.(Not because I am, I just like the color) :)

I started with a regular silk red rose

I painted it with Annie Sloan Pure White. The paint gives it a shell coating that looks like porcelain.

I then got a floral wire and started to wrap the top to form a stem

Then I started to wrap the wire with floral tape

That is it! Now you can add color or just tint what you already have. I love these. I think it would look beautiful in a vase or just laying on a table.

Remember you can make Paper Roses too! I have a complete tutorial for you! Now here are some meanings of flowers to help you decide.

 Roses are the flower of love! Cabbage Roses are the Ambassadors of love and Rosebuds mean young love. White is Purity and Innocence, Red is love, Pink is sweetness, Yellow is Grace and Orange is Desire or Romance.

 Which one will you choose?

Tulips are a declaration of love

Peach Blossoms say "I belong to you"

Lilacs or Lavender "New Love"

Heartsease/ Pansy is "Think of Me"

Lemon Blossoms mean "I'll be true to you"

Lily of the Valley is happiness

Forget me not means True Love

Marigold is Fertility

I love all flowers and think any bouquet or single stem shows someone you care about them.

So will you buy some or makes some?

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