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Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Make a Patriotic Bunting

 This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day and the memory of those we have lost at war. We celebrate what it is to be an American! We reflect on what it means to be free.
We hang the flag, have picnics and spend time with family. 
I have always admired the patriotic buntings that hang on porches and white picket fences in small town USA. It brings back memories of my childhood celebrating with parades and sparklers!

I love decorating and using our flag for the holiday. I made a very popular flag a few years ago too.

 I wanted to decorate the store (Dreamingincolor) with something special. It is in the historic part of town so I felt this was fitting. I also think it would be a great decoration on any porch, gazebo, fence,etc. 

So I went shopping at Old Time Pottery because I knew they had everything I needed for the holiday. There are several decorations but this one I purchased everyday things and transformed it to what I needed.

Head over to the blog post I wrote for them and learn how to make it and see how great the porch looks now!

It is easy! I just stapled it to the gingerbread molding. Oh and its waterproof!


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Painted furniture at Dreamingincolor

Seems these day I paint so much I tend to forget the before pictures to show you. I get new furniture in and it goes out to quick. Thank God!!
So I decided to show you some of the great pieces I have at the store. Some are here and some have sold.

I am celebrating six months in business too! It has flown by.

I have learned a lot and still can learn more.

One thing I know for sure is that I have stayed true to myself and my art. The people that come in say it is because of the different way I paint that caught their eye. That is such a validation. I love to put my spin on my furniture. Doesn't mean it is the best out there or the right way, just means it is my way. I'm good with that!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

French Nightstand {Country Chic Paint}

Tropical Cocktail and Cheesecake sounds like something I would have on my next cruise. Although I do need a vacation, this is far from sun in my hair and a paper umbrella in my hand.

These are two colors from the Country Chic Paint Pallet! It is what i decided to use on my french nightstand,

Here at Dreamingincolor in Murfreesboro, TN we have been playing with all sorts of colors. Ever since the big freight truck brought us a pallet full. 

When you paint a lot of furniture you welcome a little change. I am always thinking of color combinations and mixing some to get something unique. Like this pink nightstand.
I love that these colors are pastel and bright and give a great range. It all depends on the piece of furniture or my mood as to what gets painted what. It brings that "dream in color" to reality.

I love the layers on this french nightstand.