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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Furry Easter Bunny Pillow

Bunnies are everywhere right now and we are getting ready for Easter. The porch has nothing. I have been so excited about decorating inside that the outside has been forgotten.  Just a little vignette is all I wanted and I think it is perfect for the adults and the kids. It was just the right amount of cuteness for some Easter outdoor decor.

I bought some supplies to make a pillow and Easter Decoration.

I love the fuzzy pillows that are all the rage right now. When I saw it I thought it looked like it was the fur of a bunny which led to my idea of making a bunny pillow. The silk flowers I bought had a fuzzy stem too. I decided it would be perfect to bend and make into ears for my pillow. I bent them to shape and wired them together.

I glued the bloom to the pillow for eyes and let the stem ears stick out above.

I found some stuffed pillow tops for mason jars that are used to make pin cushions. I used pipe cleaners for whiskers. Then turned the cushion upside down for the nose and glue it on. 

Last but not least I put a bow tie under the nose and he was complete!

I placed him on the porch swing with the other pillows.

 He has the most precious look on his face.

I placed a plant pot upside down that I decorated with colored ribbon. It looked like an Easter egg. This became his perch.

I found this large pink flower that I attached between the ears of the bunny to shade him from the sun. 

We are ready for the Easter egg hunt now. The porch is not forgotten anymore. It is a happy seating area to watch when all the kids go search for their goodies. The Easter outdoor decor is already a hit with the neighbors.

So happy spring has finally arrived.

Happy Easter!!