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Friday, December 29, 2017

HGTV Urban Oasis

What a great experience to be part of the amazing group of people. Bloggers, designers, stylists, architects and media all gathered for the reveal. I had the pleasure in touring this urban gem a few months ago. This was a really fun HGTV Urban Oasis excursion. I wish I had the time to write about this right away but the holidays were here quicker than I anticipated.

My favorite part was meeting Designer Brian Patrick Flynn. He has a great eye. Loved how he incorporated artsy design elements and of course color. I have been in so many other design homes that are blah. No color, very monochromatic and it just bores me. I am not saying there isn't a place for it but I do enjoy color more. Speaking of color PINK doors!! and it works so well.

photo: Script Network

Back to Brian! He has a great personality and I think I have a designer crush on him. I stalk follow him on social media and can't wait to see what he does next.

The house was not huge, which I liked, but the layout was perfect and flowed great.

Brian uses a lot of local art and artist in the spaces he creates. The colors he used were the colors I used in my design space here. Maybe that is why we clicked. Ha!

There were so many great elements to this house and I took tons of pictures. I don't want to flood this post with too many but I do have a few more.

Loved this bedroom. Full of color and charm. This floor was amazing too. Notice the black trim. In no way does this room look dark and dreary either.

No space was left undone. The yellow and blue on this patio is so refreshing. I love the combo.
Off to the side was a little room. Brian decided to have fun with it and created an artist work space.

Thanks again Brian for the HGTV Urban Oasis Dream. Wish I could have won this. It is not too far from home in Knoxville Tennessee! 

Have you seen the 2018 HGTV Dream Home? Gig Harbor! It may have some Millennial Pink in there some where. Brian did another amazing job!  I have my sweepstakes entry in. The view is breathtaking.

Thanks for keeping me inspired to be a better stylist.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pink and Navy Bedroom Design

I was thrilled to be asked to decorate for this newly renovated home on Maney Drive. When I was shown the space I knew I wanted it to be a girls room. Pink and Navy was my design choice for color. Accents of gold just set off the room and the more I did the more I fell in love with these colors. 

Since the house had already sold, I wasn't able to put paint on the walls so I just used some creative different elements. My favorite furniture in the space are these antique Bombay style french chests I used as side tables. I painted them a deep navy. The color looked great with the sold brass details.

The gold rose is one of my paper sculpture flowers and I used an architectural piece of molding to bring your eye up the huge wall. Using vintage furniture with detail and texture complimented all the new pieces that were added like pillows and bedding.

There was a little nook cut out between the closets so I created a dressing area with this adorable vintage vanity and wicker chair.

I love that we upholster at Dreamingincolor. This was an ugly old chair that was redone and painted in the store. It was a perfect corner piece for this room.

Antique pink and gold painted chest fit perfect at the end of the bed.

The builder kept all the original flooring, fireplace and doors and molding. They just refinished them and added beautiful tile around the fireplace.

Although there were things I would have done different if this was a full design, like window treatments and a rug to ground the bed, I still like the look.

Totally enjoyed meeting everyone associated with this project. I love designing and this was a treat.
I was also asked to add some to the bonus room in this home. More on that later. Here is a little before and after for you to enjoy. 


So what do you think of the pink and navy bedroom design?
All of these pieces are available for purchase at Dreamingincolor store.
504N Maney Ave 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Peacock Chairs

One of the best things about my business is when I get to turn something that would have normally been trashed into something that is treasure.
Old pieces brought to life!
These peacock chairs were part of that process.

A customer brought them into Dreamingincolor for upholstery and to have them restore. They had found the chairs in their grandmothers barn. The wood was all dried out and a little water damaged. There were dirt nests on the bottom and no fabric remained.

This chair was the before. The before with lots of potential. It will soon become a gorgeous peacock chair.

The after was breathtaking! Take a look!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Furry Easter Bunny Pillow

Bunnies are everywhere right now and we are getting ready for Easter. The porch has nothing. I have been so excited about decorating inside that the outside has been forgotten.  Just a little vignette is all I wanted and I think it is perfect for the adults and the kids. It was just the right amount of cuteness for some Easter outdoor decor.

I bought some supplies to make a pillow and Easter Decoration.

I love the fuzzy pillows that are all the rage right now. When I saw it I thought it looked like it was the fur of a bunny which led to my idea of making a bunny pillow. The silk flowers I bought had a fuzzy stem too. I decided it would be perfect to bend and make into ears for my pillow. I bent them to shape and wired them together.

I glued the bloom to the pillow for eyes and let the stem ears stick out above.

I found some stuffed pillow tops for mason jars that are used to make pin cushions. I used pipe cleaners for whiskers. Then turned the cushion upside down for the nose and glue it on. 

Last but not least I put a bow tie under the nose and he was complete!

I placed him on the porch swing with the other pillows.

 He has the most precious look on his face.

I placed a plant pot upside down that I decorated with colored ribbon. It looked like an Easter egg. This became his perch.

I found this large pink flower that I attached between the ears of the bunny to shade him from the sun. 

We are ready for the Easter egg hunt now. The porch is not forgotten anymore. It is a happy seating area to watch when all the kids go search for their goodies. The Easter outdoor decor is already a hit with the neighbors.

So happy spring has finally arrived.

Happy Easter!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Dreamingincolor Youth Art Competition June

2017 Art Competition Guidelines


Kindergarten through Twelfth grade

Judging and Winners

  • Dreamingincolor will host event.
  • A panel of judges throughout the arts community will be judging entries.
  • A finalist from each grade group K-1,2-3,4-5,6-7,8-9,10-12 Total 6 finalists
  • These finalists will be named best-in-show out of their group
  • Artwork of finalists must be delivered by June 7th 2017
  • All finalists and artwork will be featured at the June9th Boro Art Crawl at Dreamingincolor 504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro 37130 with a showing and reception Must be present.
  • Finalists will also receive a ribbon

Submission of Artwork

Create a Digital image of artwork using the hashtag #dreamingincolor
upload to facebook and tag Dreamingincolor (@blogdreaming)

Choose one or all:
upload to instagram and tag dreamingincolorblog
email to
bring a digital print of artwork to Dreamingincolor 504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro 37130

Make sure the image is clear and crisp. This is how it will be judged.
*Make sure we have a first name, grade and a way to get in touch with you if you are chosen.

Artwork theme

The theme for the Dreamingincolor art competition is “Summer fun”. This can be anything related to summer. Only one entry per student.

Media and Technique Requirements

Any of the following may be used:
  • Paint
  • Drawing Materials
  • Collage
  • Sculpting
  • Digital Illustration

Judging Criteria
A judge panel in the arts community will review artwork submissions based on the following criteria
  • Interpretation of Theme
  • Technical skill
  • Originality
  • Use of Color

Copyright Law
Any artwork that depicts copyrighted images will be rejected. Must be original ideas and created solely by students.

Deadline for entries
June 1st 2017 is the deadline for entries. If chosen we will contact you by June 5th 2017. All chosen artwork must be delivered to Dreamingincolor 504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro 37130 by June 7th 2017.

Thank you for participating!

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