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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Dream Begins {A Craft Room Makeover} Reveal

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Well it is finally here! My craft room makeover on a budget. I used things I had already to recreate a workable room. I changed my furniture arrangement to better suit me. This is my story!

When my last child left for college, the house was very quite. The empty nest syndrome set in. It took some time to adjust to the calm. I began sorting through pictures and past schoolwork in an office/bedroom with tears in my eyes. The room became a storeroom of memories. I missed my kids but knew it was time to make a change. I started and failed many times. Then right before Memorial Day I cleared the whole room out to start again. Everything went into the hall. Then I had people over and everything went back into the room!!!

I am an artist, a blogger, a wife and mom. Many hats are worn, like most women! I seldom had time for creating at home and now that the kids have gone I needed my own space. I really didn't have the extra money or the motivation to do a whole room. Then I went to the Haven Conference and met some amazing people. I came home pumped and knew I had to use that new found energy.
While I was there I met with Shaw Flooring.  They were doing a contest on redos. If you sent in your redo you got an area rug FREE! I knew that would give me the motivation to finish!

 All the years of volunteering for school, transporting children and making things for the kids had come to a close. It was time to finish what I had started. It was time to get organized. Create a craft room out of this office/bedroom. Somewhere I can work out of. Somewhere to create!

This is how it started....

What a disorganized mess!!!

I ran around the house looking for things to use in different areas of the room. I created different zones in my room. A table for my main workstation and my desk for blogging. I hung crates for storage and mementos. I added a wall of cubbies and shelving to hold jars and bins filled with small crafts. I want this room to express who I am.

 I painted my own canvas valances and hung it over the windows using things I had on hand to keep this redo cost efficient. I scattered around pieces of me by incorporating where I lived, toys I kept from childhood, family pictures, my painted works and more. I used color around the room and mixed contemporary and vintage styles. This room was me!

This was an old catering basket that I turned into a shelf by adding paint sticks across the bottom for my stamps to sit on. The pot lid holds my favorite Purdy brush! The bottom shelf holds my rulers. The basket for my clothspins is a gutter screen.

jars and cubbies

My blogging area!

I used old crates for shelving above my blog station. I made the memo board from an old blackboard.

My storage area for supplies!

Old drawers for storage.

My paintings/valances are titled The Dream Begins. It is so fitting for the room. This space became so much more to me than just a room to make things. By adding character and heart, I made it a space that feels like home! Let the creating begin!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pictures! Make them Interesting!

I don't claim to be a photographer. I have a lot to work on. I think it takes a lot of trial and error to become comfortable with your camera. I have been playing a lot with mine.

After taking a workshop with ShootFlyShoot at Haven I knew it was time to get serious. I am not a professional but I want to get better. When you have a post with great pictures, you get more traffic and comments. I will continue to work hard at it. I know this won't happen overnight.

 This is one I took recently. I love it!

If you are interested in learning more, check out their site!

It may help you get past the Automatic Mode on your camera and get you thinking more creatively.

It is always great to have resources to help you get better at what you do. Click the above button and read about some options!

I am an affiliate for Shoot Fly Shoot, but this is not a sponsored post.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Compass Table

I love to paint furniture. I really love to hand paint it also. Like my Audrey Hepburn Dresser, Butterfly Table and French Tea Cart to name a few. When I bought this little vintage round table I was going to paint a clock face on it, instead I went nautical.

It didn't start out this way. It was a dark stained table. I painted it white for a base coat. I wanted some of the white to come through when it was distressed.

I started with my projector but soon found that the circles didn't fit right so I drew it by hand. This happens a lot with projectors. As long as you can figure out the dimensions and what looks good to the eye you will make it work.

I also wanted to make this two-toned, I painted and mixed blue with white for the bottom. The top was painted old white. I didn't stop there though.

I wanted the top to look old like and old map. I painted the lines grey and the used dark wax to distress it more I sanded roughly. Then I dry brushed white on top of it.

This will go down with my favorites. I think it is fun to add a twist to furniture. Painting can help and give you the variety you are looking for when you want something different. Have you ever hand painted furniture?

I also want to tell you about a barn sale that is coming to Pulaski, Tennessee called Bella Rustica. I will be a vendor. Click and check it out. It will be located at Milky Way farm. A beautiful place.Ya'll come shop!!!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

French Floral Basket

A lot of times I buy something because of the shape. This basket was no exception. The minute I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it.

It started out a very plain dark brown wicker.

 I got sand paper and roughed it up to distress it. It took the shine off and looked weathered.

Then I search The Graphics Fairy for a cute french label. I tape a piece of fabric to paper and ran it through the printer for a great label. (Thanks Graphics Fairy for featuring my Vintage Magnetic Eraser)

 I mod podged the fabric to the basket

After nailing it to the wall I wish I had some french baguettes sticking out of it for the picture. This looked to plain. So I got my trusty branched and some lavender and came up with the finished product!

Now that I am moved in to the store in Murfreesboro, I have to get a piece of furniture to the store in Franklin this week. But I have finished my craft room and will reveal it soon! Yay! A project done!! Well somewhat...I still have some bags to go through in my hall shhhhhhhh!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Added Extras for Free

Sometimes the littlest things cam make such a big impacts. As I was getting ready for the opening of the store I wanted to create some fun. I still had my Big Paper flower that I was going to incorporate in the vignette.  I was going to staple it in the corner with brown paper stems but change the furniture around so it wouldn't work that way. Then I put it on the ceiling. I added some branches to give it a canopy feel and it became that little something special in the space.

It just goes to show you it doesn't have to cost money to get a big impact in a space.

I also added burlap roses om rope to grow up the wall. These were scraps I had in my bag.

I just let the rope hang to make it more whimsical. All in all I think it helped bring the space together.

Branches were added to the other side of the room too. I placed my "birds on a wire" across the bedpost and gave it a garden feel.

I love decorated with found objects and garbage treasures! Have you ever used branches in your space? What other things have you used? I would love to know!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Painted Canvas Valances

Creating a space that represents me, by using what I already have, is what I am trying to accomplish. Let's face it, an office or craft room requires a lot of work! Separating, purging and designing a space that is not only pretty but workable. I mean, I have to make a mess!! That is how I create! When I get this craft room done I will be able to have a place to put my mess in order.

 I am doing this whole space with things I already own. I got the sign up and now the curtains need to get up. I had it all in my mind of what I wanted and then changed it. A woman's prerogative, right? I wanted something different, something that expressed me. I decided to paint a couple of canvases. I was going to paint it like the fabric curtains I wanted till I spoke to my friend Lesley from The Homeless Finch. She said, "Paint something different. If you are going to paint a curtain just buy a curtain." My phone call with her got me thinking! She was right! She inspired me! I did want something I haven't seen anywhere else. Something that adds to my style! Boy, did I do something different!

This is a series of two abstract paintings titled The Dream Begins Since the blog name is dreamingincolor I wanted the painting to represent the dream. Starting with black and white and grey and gradually adding color. Too much info? LOL

 Series I

Series II

There is more color and less black,white and grey, The dream is starting to become.

Since it is the beginning of the dream there are only two colors blue and coral...the colors in my room

I love the way they work in the space! I know its not for everyone but think of something that would work for you. Just paint and hang above your window. You could tape off a pattern like a chevron, paint stripes, even florals, Give it a try. These two canvases were only $22. I keep many in stock and buy on sale or with coupons. Not bad for two windows!

The space is coming along. Lots and Lots of work to do!! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

The Shabby Nest