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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harry Potter Outdoor Decor

It's Fall!!

Well, officially is in the 90's in Tennessee.

Doesn't matter though, I am in a decorating mood.

Making,creating, and designing using themed decor is something people enjoy. I have designed so many fun ideas over the years for clients and when decorating Dreamingincolor. It is a fun way for people to express themselves by relating to characters, books and movies. Sometimes they become part of our memories from childhood. 

I have decorated with Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Polar Express to name a few. I create a Tin man Candy dispenser here. This season Harry Potter is the theme for our Halloween/fall decor.

Inside we have  Olivander's wall of wands and a mantel of bottles and spells.
The great hall with floating candles and pumpkins.
I love this theme because not only is it really creative to work with these characters from the books and movies but it makes Halloween decorating festive without being scary. With the new Harry Potter book out this year I thought this would be a great idea.

Outdoor decorating is more of a challenge. I wanted a big enough impact. Then I found the most awesome blow-up!! I have to admit I usually hate these things. I feel they look tacky and cheap most of the time. This year though I couldn't resist. I think if it is put in the right setting it works.

I decided to create a scarecrow and use one of the blow ups I found. A DRAGON!!!

Don't you just love decorating?

Halloween is so much fun. I tend to get carried away with all the possibilities.

I had to build and create the Harry scarecrow first

I started with a couple of 1"x 2" sticks cut and put together like a cross
This will be the body of Harry

I screwed them together to make the base for the body

Using some burlap I painted and created the head of Harry. I even gave him his iconic lightning bolt!
Then I dressed him with a shirt, pants and a cape. Put a Hogwarts type tie around his neck .
Since this will be outside I stuffed it with plastic to keep the form and help from retaining water.

I hammered the stake stake in the ground. I topped Harry's head with a witch's hat and attached glove and wand in his hand.

This isn't the first time I did a scarecrow for fall. I have also created one for a Wizard of Oz theme.

Adding the dragon  to Harry's side was what this scene needed. 

His tongue waves in the wind and he lights up

It is 7.5 ft tall
Cute, not scary.

I think this is something that kids of all ages will enjoy.

I am going to have fun adding more to this scene. I might have to make another trip back to the store for more Halloween goodies.

What will you create this year?

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Upholstery in Tennessee

It is really hard to find someone that does upholstery. It is even harder to find someone that does it well. I am proud to announce the Dreamingincolor now offers upholstery in Tennessee. Murfreesboro residence and beyond have been eager to get there furniture pieces renewed. So glad we can offer that here.

We have done quite a few in a short time. I would like to show you a couple. This settee is from the 1800's. It had horse hair in the seat and was very crunchy. Ha! We painted the wood to reveal the carvings and totally redid the upholstery and filling.

This was another piece from the 1800's. It was missing the whole bottom. This upholstery is tufted with covered buttons on back. All restored and beautiful.

This chair is a personal favorite. I love the brass nail heads used to accentuate the curves. This chair was painted in Driftwood, The Ikat looking material really brings it up to date.

These are just a few of the pieces that have been restored. The upholstery took it to the present and would make any home look custom.

Scroll down to see the befores. They really transformed!!


1800's Chair

French Chair

To inquire about upholstery call 615-907-0091 or email a picture to

We will quote the upholstery and give you yardage for the material you will need. Then you can pick up the fabric that you like for your piece. Bring them to the store and you will be set!

Upholstery in Tennessee has a whole new look. Reasonable prices and quick turn-around

Let me know what you think

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