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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Iron Gate Tour Franklin

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The Iron Gate is a beautiful shop on the square in Franklin Tennessee. It was the first shop I found years ago that had Shabby Chic items and architectural pieces.

There are so many different items in this shop. It is all eye candy. With eclectic gifts and great ideas.

These are old french bottles that were crated.

This is a wrapped wire chandelier with Edison bulb.

How come their laundry looks so much better?

The pictures just don't do these pieces justice. So pretty!

I love this sofa and pillow!

Beautiful wall coral collection! HINT: buy some regular ones and paint them white.

I want this chandelier! Look at the right....see the twig light.....

This was a handpainted mercury glass light. The bird is on top. This was the best picture I could get because of the glare.

Lovely things! Am I right?

If you are ever in downtown Franklin you should take a peek in.
Warning: Bring lots of cash! Everything is tempting!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Nest

My dad came over today to help me hang a shelf over my entry door. I have wanted to put it there ever since I moved here 4 years ago. I will post pictures soon! 

Mother's Day is fast approaching and thoughtful gifts are always the best. We have all seen nest with eggs before. How about one that is special for mom?

The supplies needed are:
a small vessel like a basket
alphabet stamps
black marker
scrapbook paper

Get a basket or other vessel to hold a nest big enough for eggs.

Get some clay to make eggs big enough to put names on them. Sculpt eggs. Grab some letter stamps and press names of mom's children into eggs.

Using a black marker fill in letters.

I have two children named Bobby and Catherine. So I made two eggs.

With a handful of moss fill basket to make a nest. Add eggs. Make a banner with scrapbook paper to say Happy Mother's Day to put on the nest.

I love this!!! So sweet!

This is a special gift any mom would love!
I will be featured on the CSI Project on May 4th with another unique Mother's Day gift! Stay Tuned!

Since I tam typing this post the night before I need to get to bed so I can be awake to watch the Royal Wedding at 3am!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Paper Crown Wreath

First of all I want to say how glad I am that the sun is shinning today. After some horrific storms pounding the south the last couple of days and no sleep, it is nice to see it calm. Tornadoes seem to be around a lot more than they used to be and hanging out in the closet is not fun. I think I need to remodel it to have it a bit more comfortable for these days!lol

The Royal Wedding is going to happen tomorrow morning. Yes I will be getting up to watch it! I watched when Diana walked down the isle and I will watch Catherine! I am a romantic after all! I think it is something special....history in the making....and lets face it there isn't much good news to watch anymore and this is happy press!

So in honor of the Royal Wedding I made a paper crown wreath.

I started with some scrapbook paper. My fave at the moment is a script paper. I had a round wire already but you can use cardboard or a hanger. I began cutting strips the same size to make crowns.

I glued the ends to form the crowns and glued it to the wire ring.

I got my wax sealing tool dripped hot wax and stamped a fluer de les on every other crown to give it an old world look.

This process should have been down before a made the strip into the crown. It would have been easier flat.

I made a small display around it.

It needed something else to me so I added a pearl necklace and an initial to it. This is another look you can have.

You can add so many things to this. I like working with the jewelry adding the pearls or even a pretty pin would be nice.  It's up to you! Notice the "C" on the candle. My daughter's name is Catherine also. A great name I think!
Are you gonna watch the wedding?

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