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Sunday, July 31, 2011

White Dresser

I realized after visiting the store on Friday that I have no white furniture! I sold the white end table I had with the painted butterfly.
Color is something I adore.
I am sure that the neutrals sell better.
So this weekend I used the color white.

Remember the dresser from my sister's wedding?

Knowing that painted furniture sells better than unpainted right now I decided to paint this to sell!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

ballard sign

I primed both sides of the ticket. The imperfections in the wood are great because of the distressed look.

I painted the whole board in a creamy beige. I used a coffee brown paint to glaze and distress ink to uh...distress!

Cut vinyl. I used a little different font and ovals instead of diamonds to add my own flare. I also mimicked the border around my own fun made up numbers!


Did you check out the surprise?

It is finally Givaway Time!

Reaching 400 followers is amazing to me! I am so glad that you like my blog! Thank you for all the sweet comments and features over the past few months!

I really look forward to all of you! Blogging is so much fun!
I try to keep things hopping around here with close to a post everyday. I love getting to know you! I always reply back unless you are set up as no-reply. (please check that)

Since getting my store, I have been busy trying to keep it stocked and moved around. The blog keeps me inspired and excited to do something new each day!

The giveaway was hard for me this time. I couldn't think of something because there are so many things to do.

I decided to do 2 giveaways this time! Yes I said two winners! AND a surprise! A $15 Gift card!!!!

The first is a beach inspired vase that I made.

The second is 6 grain sack looking placemats and a old wooden pestal.

I wanted to do two giveaways so you have a better chance at winning something. 

I hope you like what I choose!

To win:
You must leave you entries on this page!
Contest ends a 12pm CST on Friday Aug 12th.

The winners will be announced on Saturday, Aug. 13th (2 weeks).
from today. 


Leave me a comment letting me if you are a new follower or an old follower friend and what you would like to win!  Must follow to win.
Today (July 30th) ONLY if you respond you get an extra entry

Post my button on your sidebar and tell about the giveaway  
2 entries

Go to my Etsy store and join my circle by adding my shop 
"like" something while you are there  
3 entries

For each entry please leave a separate comment.

Good Luck! Remember there will be two winners!
Out of the two there will be a drawing for a gift card to Hobby Lobby! WOW!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Wooden Box

The problem with painting is you want to do it to everything you own!

I don't paint everything in my home but I have to say it gets tempting.

I know someday this will all be "out of style" and all us "painters" will be "strippers". LOL (no not that kind)

I bought this old wooden box because I knew painting was going to make it better! At one time I am sure it was loved but now it was crying for help.

I really loved the carving on top of this but you could hardly see it.

I painted it lemongrass yellow and highlighted the carving in grey. 

I distressed it but it was still to plain for me. 

Then the inspiration came from a tin I had.

I love the little bee on the front of it.

So with more grey paint I painted the front of the box.

I distressed the image and highlighted the carvings on each side. Much better!

This was a huge improvement to me!

What do you think?



 So now you can use it as a small table, a bench, and storage box! The best part of this is the storage.
Stay tuned for a giveaway! I will finally post tomorrow!!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing with Flowers and Lace

Today I have been in my craft room playing with flowers and lace. I should say playing with fabric and lace.

I began ripping fabric in strips and twisted round and round to make pretty flowers. I tried different ones to get different effects.

Warning: The are addicting. I just got in a groove and enjoyed it. 

Played with color 

 Played with lace

Then I played with a tiny vintage dress form. The lace is turning that old stain look. LOVE!

I just added some tulle and a dried rose to the top.
It's for sale in my Etsy shop.
Click to the right if interested!

It was a fun day to play!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Easy Project ~ Crate

Sometimes when I read the comments you leave it leaves me in awe!
Thank you all!

Yesterday was filled with running around with my daughter for her birthday but I did manage to get an easy project finished.

I bought an interesting shelf, all wood with slats. It reminded me of a crate of sorts.

When I laid it down flat I thought of a tray/crate look

I got out the old stencil letters I have

With some black paint and a stencil brush I painted the sides/front of the crate

I chose the word Paris then lightly sanded

 I filled it with things around the house

Just goes to show you that it really doesn't take much time to transform something as long as you have the right pieces.

What will you be transforming today?

The bedroom are done at The Shabby Creek Cottage that all the bloggers worked on. Take a look!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Display Case side table and more

Today is a very special day! A day when my life was changed........

For the better......

because of this beautiful baby.....

Happy Birthday!  I love you!

.......Now for the redo....

I found this old display case. It was originally from The Bombay Company.

It has a cute little drawer in the front and curvy legs!

I painted it black and removed the grey board from the inside of the piece to upholster it.

I used an old coffee sack for the fabric

Scuffed up the paint and waxed

The top opens so you can display items

You can also display things on the top

I love the artsy feel to the piece now.



Oh and I sold my piano bench last week. Funny right after I sold it I found another one to redo!

Now to think up something different!

Hope you stop a moment to appreciate the beauty of the day!


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