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Thursday, September 24, 2015

French Desk

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. At the store we are getting ready with our new theme of the season. That means decorating!! Remember last year? This is when I can get to be even more creative. I wind up spending too much time on it but I love it! I can't wait to show you when it is done.

In the meantime, I got a few desks in. One kidney shaped, two french.
One was a child's french desk. As I was gathering them to show a customer, I had them stacked. The woman bought the large french desk. Another woman cam in and saw the child's desk and had to have it for her granddaughter's room. She brought in fabric so it could have a custom look.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Light-Up Topiary

Don't you just love fall? 

All the beautiful colors and textures are everywhere. Once again I find myself decorating and sprucing up the house. I am always looking for a way to create something. Last year I decorated outside with some fun budget friendly ideas. This year I am looking for table ideas.

I just love all the fall decor out there. The pumpkins come in all different colors, textures and sizes. 
When I came across this Owl candle holder I knew I would incorporate all this in my design.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Mid Century Chest of Drawers

Lots of things going on around here. We are headed into the holidays and things are hustling. Dreamingincolor will be 2 in a couple of months!! I can't believe it. 

The biggest news is my son got engaged on Aug 4th. I will be in wedding mode from here on out!! Not only am I getting a daughter-in-law, I am also getting a grandson who is 6 years old!! Instant grandma and I cannot be more thrilled. He is just adorable. They also just bought a house so hopefully they will be shopping for some furniture at Dreamingincolor! *wink *wink