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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Make Your Own Chalk Board Paint!

As I was hanging out in Barnes and Nobles the other day I read an article about making your own chalk paint. I have to admit I have not tried it yet but I will.

Considering the cost of chalk paint and the limited colors, this might be my best bet.

So for all of you that want to try something different:

1 cup of latex paint
2 Tablespoons of unsanded tile grout

mix until smooth and apply

Sounds simple enough right?

Please let me know if you do this. Would love to know the results.

I think I see a trip to Home Depot in my future!

Thank you to Cassie at Primitive and Proper  for featuring my
Audrey Hepburn Dresser!


Jackie said...

I certainly will have to try this as well. May add Home depot to my errands this next week. Thanks for sharing.

Shell said...

Love your Audrey dresser & wouldn't mind trying to do one someday lol. I think Martha Stewart has an article floating around somewhere on how to make colored chalk paint.

Beth said...

I tried this and it really does work! Sometimes you don't need a whole cup of paint, so you can downsize the measurements since the I learned that the paint won't keep, it will set up from the grout being in it. Yes, I tried saving my left overs without thinking about the grout being in it. duh!