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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crazy Days Christmas for Halloween and Last chance Giveaway

GIVEAWAY!!! Last chance to enter.

Yesterday was a crazy day. I attempted and conquered the 84 mile Yard Sale on the Tennessee Trail. I started in Thompson Station went through small cities like Fly and Boston. Places I didn't even know existed. Traveled the famous Natchez Trace and got turned around and thought I was lost.

Then a man in a car asked if my friend and I had been yard saling. Suspicious I said yes. Then he asked if he could take our pictures and I though that was too weird and as I started to RUN jump in the car, he came out with two women and said he was from the Tennessee Department of Tourism  and wanted to film us!!! WHY is it when I look sooo bad!


I politely agreed and told them of our journey and of the deals we found. I even gave a plug to The Three French Hens. I told them that is where I found the flyer hanging. (Stacey if you are reading this I'll take a percentage!) LOL

God must have been watching over us as the man directed us into the right direction. Seems we weren't to far off the beaten path. We ended in Leiper's Fork. All in all we had a good time. The cons were: there was a lot of dead time traveling. The pros: "hot" spots were fun and some good deals.

I'll try and post pictures of my finds this week.

Back to Halloween.....

Don't throw away those old Christmas trees and wreaths. Recycle them for Halloween. Just get some black Krylon spray paint and spray them down.

Then decorate

 The Christmas tree is a small one and it was fast to spray. I added orange lights and a purple bow to keep it simple. You can add Halloween ornaments if you like.

It would have been great if it wasn't for this guy! HE is ALWAYS getting into something. I will be glad when this stage is OVER!!!!

Look at that face.  GUILTY!

Yes that WAS the purple bow!


Tonight is the last chance to enter the GIVEAWAY!
You have till midnight tonight to enter CST.

I will announce the winner tomorrow.


TheCrankyCrow said...

You're quickly on your way to becoming a celebrity Deneen....And I can say "I knew her back when...." ;o) Can't wait to see your treasure - and I love the Halloween wreath! Fun ideas!! But Dudley steals the show...too cute to get mad at...(boy he's growing!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

You must be getting pretty comfortable in front of a camera!!! They know a rising star when they see one!!! Thanks for the Halloween decorating ideas!

Rachel Gray said...

That wreath is so cute!! I need to start my fall decorating!

Lesley said...

There was something about seeing the black spray painted things and then scrolling to see your doggie. For a second, I thought you painted him too!!!! lol Great idea on the wreath! I have always wanted to do one of those 'worlds longest garage sale' things...

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, the look on your dog's face is so guilty. I've been looking for an orange tree forever. Now you've given me the idea to spray paint one. Hubby just looked at me when I mentioned it to him, but I can probably talk him into it.