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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New York Part 2

I left off with my battery going dead. Why is it? That always happens when something good is about to happen. Darren Criss appeared. He was almost trampled by 100's of people but nevertheless he came out took pictures and SHE got his autograph! She started to float!
I managed to get some great pictures with her camera. I will have to update those when she sends them to me.

When it was over we left for the famous restaurant Sardi's. The one with all the charactertures of the stars.

Then we headed  to see the show. How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying a charming comedy. The Al Hircshfield theater was beautiful. I love the architecture and the painting. Even though no pictures are allowed I did take some oops!

Isn't this gorgeous? Then the backdrop.......hmmm maybe this could be an inspiration for some furniture lol!

After the show there were a couple of GLEE cast members in the audience. Jane Lynch and Max Adler. She got her picture with Max. One the way back to the hotel Follies was letting out and she got to meet, get an autograph and a picture of a Broadway great, Bernadette Peters.

I have to say it was one magical night for her. You see that's what New York is all about. The city that never sleeps. It was hard for us to sleep that night. It wasn't because of all the lights outside our window.

It was the light coming from her! She was so happy! She shined brighter than Times Square! Best gift ever........memories!

The New Year's Eve Ball

So here's to dreams coming true in 2012!

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