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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New York City Part 1

One of my favorite places to visit is the Big Apple! New York City is full of energy and excitement! So this Christmas when my daughter said that is where she would like to go I didn't have to think too hard about it. Don't get me wrong, it is a big thing to ask for as a gift. It is kinda my fault. You see I asked her to compile a list of things she would like for Christmas. My daughter isn't the type to ask for anything. She hated to do it and as a fluke put a trip to New York City to see Darren Criss in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was first on the list. Mainly because she knew she wouldn't get it.

Over the years, when my daughter was asked what she would like, she would say one thing. It usually was her favorite book at the time, One year on her birthday she asked for a Magnolia Tree. She never has been one to be greedy or want much. That is what made this so much fun. The good deals I found on the internet cinched the gift and the next thing I had to do was determine how I would give it to her. I made a banner that was supposed to say Christmas but I removed the letters to reveal the name "Criss". Then I wrote her a card about the magic of Christmas, told her how much she was loved and how proud we were of her. She had tears in her eyes but still did not understand the gift. I began to tell her to turn the card around and after she read it she started to cry. She was elated.

 We stayed at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. It was the best place to be to see a show. This was the view of the bar and restaurant from our room.

And this is the view of Times Square from our window!

We were only there a couple of days but we tried to get a lot in.  The main thing was seeing the show.

We ate a a little Pizzeria called John's. Some of the best pizza I ever had. We ate desserts from everywhere. When you are in NYC you don't pass up pizza or dessert!

We picked up our tickets at the will call window and decided to see where the stage door was. This is where you might get a chance to see the cast.

We found it! It already had a group gathering for autographs after the matinee show.

My daughter made friends with the girls and decided to hang out to see if she could get a glimpse of her heartthrob!

In the meantime she had a little fun! ....and I froze!

As day turned into night, I found myself taking pictures for my daughter of the infamous cast! Beau Bridges came out and she got his autograph and I took the pictures.

This is where my camera went dead! Yes in a mob of people I had no more battery!

Thank God she had hers and gave it to me so we could get the rest! We had to hurry because we had reservations at Sardi's. We still had the show to see also.

Standing in New York City on the coldest day of the season = frost bite frozen toes
Waiting to see if she could get a glimpse of her favorite star= hours wasted
Seeing her face when a dream came true=PRICELESS

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!


Unknown said...

Neat. As you know, I spent three days just before Christmas in NYC. Magic.

Cassie Bustamante said...

oh awesome! i love beau bridges!!!! the fabulous baker boys was such an amazing movie.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

How exciting!!!
Such a wonderful gift!!!
Some day I hope to take my daughter to Jamestown NY ~ she is a big Lucy fan.
Prim Blessings

Grace said...

That is such a great story! So happy she got her Christmas wish. What a special family you have. I am going to see Pricilla tonight on Broadway can't wait. For me although I have seen mostly everything I still get excited like I am going for the first Yes I am a dork! lol This week no Christmas lights anymore! So sad. Grace xoox