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Friday, April 19, 2013

My New Business Cards for SNAP

SNAP is here and I am so excited to be going to Utah!! It looks so beautiful!

Getting ready for a blogging conference is so much fun and it is a great excuse to get some new stuff!
It is always a good thing to refresh your look. I did some refreshing, got a haircut, did my nails, and and got some new shoes!  That might not be a big deal to you but I never paint my fingernails because they are always in paint!

There are tons of amazing women going. These women have already inspired me as I have been getting to know them before the conference. I can't wait to share our stories with you. Just like I did when I went to Haven. This is my first time going to SNAP and I have already participated in twitter parties and and craft swaps!!

With all this excitement I decided to create some new business cards. I thought about it for awhile and created them.  I even added a QR code to the back with my picture and blog button.

phone pic


There was a big problemmmmm! While not wearing my glasses, I made some changes to the layout!

I said while I was NOT wearing my glasses!

So when I opened the beautiful box wrapped in ribbon and looked at my new cards.

Then to my horror......I seen letters missing on a couple of my social sites.

Can we say stupid!? I wanted to cry.

So I did what any DIY'er would do and fixed it! I am not happy with making a sticker for it but it could have been worse. (I am so anal and this really bothers me)

I will change it again for my next conference with more colors to the card but I do like them. To top them off I applied a little colorful treat.

I hope you like them!!

I will be handing them all out I know. The best thing about blogging conferences is always learning something new and meeting great friends. So wish me luck!
Click on the camera button below to connect to instagram and see all my SNAP pictures.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh that is to bad about your cards, but you made them work. Can't wait to hear all about snap!


Retta Langevin said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry that the first print of your new cards didn't work out so well, but it's a good thing that you whipped out your DIY skills to fix the problem. The clip and ribbon was a nice touch. :) Good luck at the conference, Deneen!


Little Miss Maggie said...

Cute cards!