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Friday, April 12, 2013

Restyling Bookcases {with Inspiration}

My niece was on spring break last week and took a trip to Florida to check out colleges. She is very creative and loves fashion and art. You may have remembered when I was teaching her how to paint. I wrote a post about it because I thought she did a great job.

While she was away, my sister decided to start some projects. That is why I was there painting the antique desk.  I was also deciding on what needs to be done for the design of the living room.

When I finished, I did a quick restyling of my niece's bedroom. We wanted to surprise her when she got home by giving her some newly restyled bookcases.

I wanted to move the shelves out of the living room so we put them in her room. She had a wall that needed some height to it. They worked perfectly. I think I was able to use things that will inspire her and still keep it functional. I even used her painting!

She will lay in her bed and look at the shelves so I wanted there to be special things on it for her to look at everyday. I started with blank shelves.

 I filled the bottom shelves with paperbacks and schoolwork they she needed. I couldn't get a good shot but there is a basket to ho;d some of her things.

Sorry for the blurry picture. This is an art vase I made for her. I filled the bottom with oil paint tubes. I then add a wire piece from a bouquet used in her mom's wedding. Filled the top with painted paint sticks and brushes to mimic "flowers" I added blank canvases to the vignette too.

The next vignette was Marilyn! I used a pretty notebook she had got a pottery dish from my sister's stash and used it as a tray for her colognes. This was a hit!

She was so surprised when she came home. She texted me and said how much she loved how artsy it was. My sister and I had fun rearranging but we were delirious by the end of the night. We finished so late. (Which is my excuse for the bad pics!) I love changing the look of a room with things you already have.

I will have to update with a picture from the whole room when I can take better pictures. Hope you like this little glimpse.

                                                  Have you ever used things from other rooms for a fresh look? 
If not give it a try! It is an affordable way to upgrade your room and be inspired!


Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

you did great!!! no surprise she was surprised!

srpprcrftr said...

What a lucky niece/daughter to come home to new/redone embellishments in her room. I'd love that if I had room for them. She'll most likely rearrange and restyle them many times while she's still living at home.
Love it that the bookcases or open, not closed in on the sides or back. Very nice addition to anybody's room. Great job Mom/Aunt Happy Weekend