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Friday, August 23, 2013

An Inexpensive Way to Decorate a Blank Wall

Hi Everyone! Glad the week is over and the weekend is soon approaching. If you all have been to my blog you know I have been changing things up in my living room.

Today I will show you how I created an inexpensive way to decorate a blank wall.

I paint a lot of furniture and sometimes I keep it and sometimes I sell it. Sometimes I get rid of too much!
I am always moving things around.
My husband never knows what he will find when he wakes up....he is used to it now. He always has a different place to sit Now the dog is starting to get acclimated to it too!

I can't wait to show you my madness!

My main color are turquoise and coral. I am loving the way it has brightened up a dark space.
My living room is a dungeon!
It is! My husband loves it that way. No light! A man cave feel. Ugh!

Without doing major construction, I decided to add mirrors and bright colors to the space.

I started with a huge blank wall and little furniture.

Actually I brought the buffet I painted into the living room for the TV to sit on.
I am not crazy about the TV being the main focus but my husband again likes that man cave feel!!!

So this is how it started.

I wanted to create something affordable and I didn't want to paint. Remember I like changing things up so I like a neutral palette. and I didn't want to attach too many things to the wall. 

I wanted to bring in some texture.

I found some old shutter doors to lean up behind the buffet. I added some old architectural pieces to give it a little whimsy. All the white chippiness wasn't helping me with color,so I painted a couple of the spindles.

I added a few pieces to bring in more color. Using things I had around the house. I even wrapped some canvas with fabric. I wanted to add a modern look with the vintage look. 

It wasn't enough so I moved the canvas out more to the sides. Then changed the direction of the spindles. All this achieved with 3M Command Strips holding it up! I love those things. Now I can move it around when I want to change it up and no holes! (My secret tip)

It added just enough color and texture.

It filled the blank wall enough so that everything wouldn't be just floating in place.

It is very different and I like it for now! LOL

Starting to look bright and cozy in here!
All this using things I had laying around.

For all the tips and tricks click HERE!

Still wish I had a sky light or something....

Time to work on the next wall!!

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Suzan Sweatman said...

Love the changes Deneen - the perfect amount of color - and those shutters as a backdrop was brilliant - have to find some tall shutters now because I really want to do this - kopy kat that I am lol

DJAjewels said...

I love the effect of depth the shutters give your wall. Great idea!

Donna said...

Really cool, great color combos !!!
you always inspire!

Carmenann said...

Looks great Deneen.....good job....

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Wow! You did a great job of brightening up that man cave! First think I noticed was how much smaller that TV looks now. I love the idea of covering canvas with fabric and I'm thinkin of stealing that idea very soon! Nice job Deneen!

Anonymous said...

It looks great. What is really interesting is how it seems to make the television fade away. I think sometimes people try too hard to make the television 'disappear' and only end up highlighting it, but this works well.

Jean @ said...

I love how you say "I like it for NOW". haha! We can never relax about decorating can we? Love the pops of color and the shutters!

Serena Appiah said...

I feel your pain on having a dark living room. In the spring and summer, our family room becomes like a dungeon. It's probably the main reason I haven't painted in there yet, because I'm afraid that it will be too dark, even if it's a light color! Then again, I guess I could just do white! But that's so dull. You did a great job of adding some coziness (and femininity!) to a man cave! :)

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Elisha Albretsen @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture said...

The shutters are perfect in that space! Did you find them that color? I love it! I love the whole style of your room. So fun! I'm your newest follower!

Rita said...

I love the shutters and colors! Beautiful job!


the cape on the corner said...

love the color you brought in!

srpprcrftr said...

I didn't see your l/r before but it sure looks gorgeous, colorful and happy.
The doors are a great prop.
I've been crazy about coral and aqua all summer. They're really very versatile colors to use.
I have a little end table I'd gotten at Hobby Lobby years ago with a dark finish so painted it the aqua and coral, what a difference, I use it for a night stand. Have another one with baskets which also has the dark finish in our room, trying to decide what to use on it. Love your blog Deneen.

Anonymous said...

My husband likes things dark too but I always get my way brightening things up! I love what you did with those shutters - I found a pair beside the road and nabbed them - not sure where to put them now! Husband thinks I'm crazy - I'll show him your post!!!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

@Srpprcrftr Thank you as always for your sweet comment! Thanks for loving my blog and visiting often. Come back soon!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

@Petra I don't know what is the deal with guys liking dark rooms!! I don't know if you should show him my post. I am crazy and he will see when he sees the shutters on the wall! lol My husband sits quietly now and just shakes his head....