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Saturday, April 4, 2015

French Chest Country Chic Paint

Whether you are new to this site or not you will notice real fast what I do around here!
Color and design is a passion of mine and has been for as long as I can remember.
I love to paint and that lends to the design work. One of the reasons I started carrying Country Chic Paint in my store Dreamingincolor, is because of the wonderful colors and packaging design. The way it can be manipulated, as an artist, is a strong point too, not to mention NO VOC's!

This week Country Chic Paints introduced its new 2015 Limited Edition spring colors. I used one of the new colors on the drawers of this chest. Pink lemonade. Pink Lemonade is a light coral/pink color. It looks great paired with Midnight Sky.

I also kept the original color on the pulls. They really are the jewelry on this piece.

I have to have color in the store or it seems drab to me. I chose this combination because of its popularity in design right now.

I have to say navy is a favorite of mine too!

I love all the colors in the selection and cannot wait to try them.

Of course there are still the whole line of colors still available too.

What is your favorite?

What color will you bring into your home this spring? my surprise

I  want to thank all my local readers. I was named one of the 2015 Reader's Favorite by Nashville House & Home Magazine for Re-designer and Muralist. Thank you so much! It is great to be in a place like this and recognized for your work. 

Hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday!

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