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Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Pallet

My new thing is storing pallets that are put together so I can decorate with them. I used them for my paper flower and for mounting various merchandise that I get in the store. 
It has been fun getting in all the spring items that past couple of weeks. It is hard not to go home with everything I love.

I found the cutest bunny and I knew I was going to have fun decorating with him. I wanted him to be the centerpiece for the spring season

A pallet bunny was what I decided. Bunnies are one of the things I think of when I hear spring. 

Every spring growing up meant getting the bicycle out and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful blooms that surrounded our home.  I had some glorious days on my bicycle. I would ride everywhere. We didn't worry about all the things we worry about today.

This project brought back those memories.

When I saw these bicycle wall hangings they just got me.

They would look adorable in a garden too with flowers planted in the basket.

I love decorating when I have clean pallet and can imagine what look I want.

Decorating should bring out all feelings and emotions that you want surrounding you. Mr. Bunny lives in my yard. He looks carefree and happy. I love that this little guy looks so happy riding his bike with the wind blowing his hair.


I don't think so. 

He makes me smile when I come into the store,

Everyone comments on him.

I think it is the perfect mantel piece. After attaching the bike to the pallet I filled the basket with carrots and flowers. I sell the carrots boxed.

I can use them all spring and use them in a garden display.
Added the bunny in the center and it he ready to evoke emotions and memories as all my customers walk through the door. 

Hope you have happy memories this season! Enjoy making new ones.
Thanks for reading!

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Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Deneen,
I love your Bunny in the bike basket, so cute.

Happy Easter!


srpprcrftr said...

Those carrots look real on p/c screen. What price do you sell them for? Do you ship? Would love to have some to make vignettes with thru Spring and summer. Please let me know.
We have small uncovered front porch but still like to decorate out there. Have an old patio table with seasonal tablecloths from Family $ on table, then gather few things to spruce it up. Now that our dog is grown up boy can do that without him trying to chew everything in sight, lol.
Could make cute vignette with small wagon on table and some faux veggies and hay in it. Guess chickens won't mind if I borrow little of their hay.
Please let me know about faux carrots. Sure would love to visit your store. Have wonderful week.