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Monday, May 9, 2011

Nautical Bottle

I am finally done with the spring cleaning! Moved everything out of the living room to rearrange again. I am one that doesn't like to look at the same things all the time. Adding new things cost money that I really don't want to spend, so I go to sales, thrifts stores and make things to fit the style I am looking to do.

Since it is summertime I wanted to go a little beachy! This is a small project I did. I bought a bottle at a yard sale for $1. I really liked the bottle but you can do this with trash too. Like an empty wine bottle. It has to be clear so you can see through it.

Find some color paint that you want to incorporate in your decor. I used an acrylic paint.

Pour the paint in the bottle and spin around to cover all the clear with paint.

Since I am allergic to jute I had my daughter help me tie it around the bottle. I love the way the jute looks. It is very beachy! I added a sand dollar to the front and that is it. I now have a cute accessory!

This might go on my mantle or wardrobe closet. I will be adding this to the other shell items. I have been scaling the house for other things to incorporate in the design. Don't want to buy just want to refresh the look.

I will be finding out today if I made it past round one in American Crafter. I will let you know. Thanks for voting for my project! I know I have just a few followers compared to the rest but I think I have the best ones!!!!
Thanks Again!

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Cat & Cricket said...

I love it!~

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

Really like that idea..a few of those maybe diff sizes would look good on the bathroom window..def going to try this project. Thanks for your great ideas.

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Such a cute idea!!! Definitely beachy!!!

ramsam said...

Lovely pop of color! Great idea.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a clever idea and so easy too! You rock!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

This is fabulous. I just did some bottles and spray painted them. MY DH suggested I paint the inside of the bottle instead. I really like your version. Cheers

Hannah McConnell said...

This is a amazingly cute, easy idea!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you for visiting me. I'm now your newest follower. said...

Very cute!! Great idea.