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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Unknown Stories

Unknown stories of the past. That is why I like finding an old piece. Some of them seem to speak to me letting me know there was something magical that happened many years ago. I believe this is what lures me out to find the one thing I can't do without.

A story left behind for someone like me to discover....
Last week I found this old knitting box or yarn keeper not sure what it is. Really didn't want to pay what they had asked for it but it was interesting to me. When I opened it I had told the woman there was some things inside but she said it was junk to be thrown away and that it can go with me. It did look like junk laying in there and I kept thinking I didn't need to take home anyone's garbage but I bought the piece anyway.

When I brought it in the house I opened it to throw away what was inside. There was a bunch of sticks that were dirty. YUK!

Then I saw a yellow box. I liked the writing but was sure it was empty. When I opened it I was surprised that they were still in there... pinking shears!
Nice ones may I add. Old but new.

I don't think they were ever used.

This was a little treasure! The rest was junk.... or was it. Maybe to someone but for me no.

A little wooden spool of it!

Some old felt dots that probably don't stick anymore but love the packaging!

Another old spool. This one opens and has needles inside.

There were also knitting needles and crochet hooks. Then there were a bunch of wooden embroidery hoops in different sizes. One had some paper wrapped around it.
I began to unravel the yellow news print. The date said 1919.
It was a torn corner of newspaper but it told me a little story. A story about that time period if only just a little hint.

About the housewives that can now save money with this cough syrup recipe! I wonder if they would have put this on a blog if they could have!

Or this upright boiler someone was looking to buy ...would they have checked craigslist if they could have? Check out the phone number.

Don't you just want to know the story? Someone leaves something behind...for some its trash for others its treasure. The story we pass along of life long ago. Preserving the memories. This is the reason I enjoy old things.

What story will you leave behind?


Lesley Litrento said...

You have to so use the graphics from those ads on a pillow! They would make amazing sources for that and come right along with a story! I vote the cough drop one!;)

TheCrankyCrow said...

I LOVE your old sewing box, Deneen!! It has such an incredible form - and those feet!!! Ooooo...I'm jealous! And the little treasures inside are awesome! Sometimes that's the best part of an old find....I can spend hours looking through little trinkets - wondering who owned them, why they were kept, etc. Thanks for sharing - almost felt like I had just unearthed some goodies myself! Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

SavannahGranny said...

I love this! That is part of the fun when buying vintage items. I always wonder about the item's previous life. I often feel sorry for the piece being put out to pasture. That just requires that I rescue said item. To have the actual history right inside the item is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Ginger :)

Karen said...

That was ab amazing find, treasures within treasures and all can be made into something spectacular.

sissie said...

I think that's why we love junk and hunting for treasures....the stories that each piece might tell.

I love finding an item with lots of stuff inside. Never know what you'll find. I love your wooden container and all your great finds.

Thanks for becoming a new follower on my blog. I'm following you too.


Shabby Soul said...

I love, love, love the furniture piece but would have been just as excited about the treasures you found inside! Pinking shears!! Neat - o!