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Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween and The Titans

Getting ready for Halloween around here and all its spookiness! I start to change the decor from fall to creepy scary and vintage on October 1st so I have a whole month to enjoy it. I then go back to the fall decor for Thanksgiving.

I had a great piece of wood I purchase through an auction. Actually it was in the box of things I purchased.

I wish I took a before picture because it was really quite bad!

I thought it would be cool to decorate for Halloween. I love the twisted look and texture.

I just added some pumpkins a crow and pinecones.

Sometimes birds can be soooo creepy!

Add a couple of spiders and I think it does the trick!

That is a real nest behind that pumpkin. Now to get started changing the mantle.

By the way....I just love banners. It makes me feel like know the spider?

Every time I create a word I feel like I have "spun" a new expression.


This weekend I got a chance to see the Tennessee Titans play with my dad! It was a very sunny day and I got a little sunburn! The team won and it was a great day spent with my dad!

 We played the Denver Broncos! This was before the game.  We won 17-14

     code Blue
Gooooo Titans!!!!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok - now this is all kinds of serious love!!! That piece is AWESOME Deneen!!! All my favorite requirements for the spooking season - crow, pumpkin, and a little bit of creepy....ADORABLE!! (Yeah, "creepy" can be "adorable" if you're a crow!!) Perfect "higher use" for that wonderful twisted piece of wood! Love the photo of you and your dad!! Glad you got to spend some quality (and winning) time with him! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lesley said...

Ha! Another thing in comment. We attend the Miami Dolphins games!!! Dolphins were away yesterday though and lost again. :( Oh well.... Love the scary decoration and the mantel too....especially the banner. My floors are being grinded down and refinished this week, and then I am hoping to be able to reall get in the swing of October decorating and such! Happy Monday!

Scarlett said...

Your halloween piece is amazing! Well done on a fabulous make. Scarlett x

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

I love me some Halloween decor. I been slowly getting out he boxes. I just read on Layla's blog you drove up for that photo cool that must have been. They are just too cute those two. They need their very own show!