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Monday, July 23, 2012

French Floral Basket

A lot of times I buy something because of the shape. This basket was no exception. The minute I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it.

It started out a very plain dark brown wicker.

 I got sand paper and roughed it up to distress it. It took the shine off and looked weathered.

Then I search The Graphics Fairy for a cute french label. I tape a piece of fabric to paper and ran it through the printer for a great label. (Thanks Graphics Fairy for featuring my Vintage Magnetic Eraser)

 I mod podged the fabric to the basket

After nailing it to the wall I wish I had some french baguettes sticking out of it for the picture. This looked to plain. So I got my trusty branched and some lavender and came up with the finished product!

Now that I am moved in to the store in Murfreesboro, I have to get a piece of furniture to the store in Franklin this week. But I have finished my craft room and will reveal it soon! Yay! A project done!! Well somewhat...I still have some bags to go through in my hall shhhhhhhh!


Mikel Lyman said...

I love it. I love how you distressed it before you added the fabric.

Lesley said...

Gives me a new idea about if I see a basket I like to scruff it up. Never thought about that and it seems so simple! :)

Katharine Devinney said...

I have a basket I want to hang on my wall and I like what you did but I think I'm going to spray paint it instead of roughing it up. Thanks for sharing @ the Graphic Fairy.

Pothys said...

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