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Monday, July 9, 2012

Vintage Magnetic Eraser

For those of you that have been on my Facebook page you already know that I started redoing my craft room. I am up to my shoulders in such a mess!! It keeps on multiplying!! As promised I said I would share some of my projects and pictures.

The first one is a quick project that I did to change up a magnetic eraser I bought from Hobby Lobby.
I will show you how to make it!

I purchased the eraser and thought that the foam blue top was boring but I liked the idea that is was magnetic and would stay on my memo board. Since I like adding the old with the new I wanted the eraser to have a vintage feel.

This is what I started with...1.49 ...not too bad but the boring blue had to go!

I found a graphic on The Graphic Fairy's site that I felt fit the look I wanted and printed it out.

I turned the eraser upside down and traced the shape keeping the graphic centered. Then I cut it out.

I used spray adhesive to glue it down and used my rubber roller to press it in and bond it to the top!

I used some antiquing paints and inks to make it look older. I blotted the paint around the front and used the ink for the sides.

There you have it!! Very simple but an idea that can be very versatile. Add a chevron print, ABC's anything you wish. The best part is that is stays on the metal so you can keep up with it!

One project done it the craft room.....Now I have to tackle the rest of it!~

Told you I have lots of organizing to do! Anyone want to help?!!!!


Unknown said...

No...I don't want to help! lol ad on your page is from Hayneedle. I just bought a bird aviary from them. lol

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

It came out great.TFS.
XO Marie

Angie@slipcoveredgrey said...

How cool! Now your magnetic board will have a stylish eraser! Very creative!!! Thanks for sharing and best of luck with organizing. :-)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

What a wonderful idea ~ Thanks for sharing!!!
I help you with your creative space if you help me!!!
Prim Blessings

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I actually like to organize! lol