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Friday, January 4, 2013

How To Get More Views From Facebook

It took me along time to get a Facebook page but when I did I loved it! Whether you have a business or not it is a great way to interact with your readers. Facebook likes switching things up though and that has made it difficult for many people to see your posts.

OK I am going to stop here. I want you to "like " my Facebook Page by clicking HERE!

This will be a start of our interaction together. Now to make sure you see it hover your cursor over the "like button" and click on "show in feed" like this

ADDED: For a "like" to count you must like someone from your personal page!

So now what?

Well it is like blogging. You leave comments. Comment, likes and shares all help in keeping the posts you see interactive which will keep your post more visible to your readers.

WARNING: Do not post too often!

Unlike blogging, posting too much can cause people to hide your posts. They don't want to seethat you are going to the grocery store, or that you had an itch on your right thigh LOL. Keep your posts engaging.

Do show photos! Just showing text is boring. The text often gets overlooked. Photos are more likely to be shared and sharing helps the views of your page.

Check your stats on Facebook. This will tell you the posts most viewed and the range of people viewing it. Make sure you play around with the timing of posts. Some will be viewed more after a certain time than others.

Promoting posts cost money. Let's face it, this is why Facebook limits the views. They want you to spend money promoting it. If you do this you get more view and your reach is extended. I have been told that this works. I am not interested in spending money for this but if you have a certain business this could be helpful.

Get more interaction by asking for feedback. Asking questions, offering coupons, fill in the blanks any thing creative that can keep people coming back and responding to your posts. This keeps the views going.

Have friends and other bloggers share your page. Like in blogging the more exposure the more traffic.

Quotes are another way to get more views. People love them and will feel connected when one hits home.

Be funny but don't force it. Be positive and happy. People like sharing stories that have a happy ending.
It doesn't have to always be this way but being a downer will make people move on.

Keep things short. Many times I see posts that are like a chapter in a book. I scroll past these. I love Facebook for the fact that it keeps me engaged without spending a lot of time.

I hope this helps!

If you have any other ways to increase your views, please share them in the comments below.
I hope you will follow me on Facebook and we can help each other grow!

Do you have a Facebook? Did this help you? 
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Faye@The Shabby Cottage Home said...

Thanks for what you said about fb. I think we all need as many tips we can get.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Great post. I am struggling with my Facebook account because I have hardly invested the time in it, but I am going to start for sure. Thanks for the tips.