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Friday, May 3, 2013

SNAP Swag and Prizes (Part 2)

After a great week at SNAP, I am battling mega sinus crap that is bringing me down. I haven't been able to do much.  I am dragging. I am leaving for Vegas soon and I need to feel better! Remember my New Year's resolution? Trying to stick to it!!

I have given you the SNAP recap and Giveaway from the Queen Bee Market, but now I will show you the SNAP swag and prizes I received.

At registration, I received a stuffed pink bag full of sponsor gifts. Seriously, it was overflowing. At the end of the line there were more things in piles on the floor. Your choice of an umbrella or neck pillow from Ikea. I loved the pretty pink umbrella but it looked like a weapon and I didn't think security would let me on the plane with it so I took the pillow. My travel buddy, Michele, had one so I knew we would enjoy it on the flight back home when we wanted to rest.

Thank God I had it! I was exhausted coming home!

....until the crying babies started on the plane.... Ugh! No sleep for this one!

Yes I love babies. My children are grown and I do remember....but I was tired and this was an enclosed space! So it echoed! Bless there hearts!

ok sorry for the rant...back to know I love swag....loved what I got from Haven and now SNAP!

I wanted to highlight some of the great things I received. First all the goodies on the business cards like washi tape, candy, rings, pins and bracelets to name a few

Tons of candy

Tons of Swag!

 Shurtek~Duck Tape, 3M/Scotch Brand

T-shirts for Rent, Family Share, MailChimp

Lowes, Fish Foam, Coldstone, Minwax, Expressions Vinyl, Moen, 

Look at all this scrapbooking fun! Pick Your Plum, Cricut, American Crafts

All this from Floracraft! Thanks Sharon!!

This is always one of my favorites in any size! Thanks Annie Sloan Home!

Lots of Reading material. Where Women Create, Bosch, Moen

I won these items from World Market and a Light reflector from a photography class I took.

This beautiful necklace was designed special for SNAP creating joy. The r House presented this to us at our dinner.

Last but not least RYOBI!! My favorite people! Remember what I won at Haven.

And then I got  this Airstriker nail gun and battery.....well I am waiting for RYOBI to mail it to me!!
I hope to get it this week.

Thanks to Ana White and RYOBI for this one.

I had to take an extra bag to on the plane with me. So many things!
Love all my swag and prizes! Thank you to all the sponsors. I tried to remember everyone.
others were 
Basic Grey, DecoArt, Pollinate Media, Todays Mama, Ikea, Utah Truffles, Rhonna Designs, Very Jane, RFE, Thanksgiving Point

Thank you for making this conference extra special!
Speaking of a Giveaway this one has over $200 worth. Be sure to enter!


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Great swag wrap up, Deneen!! I think I finally got all of mine sorted out. There was just so much amazing stuff!!

crafty grandma said...

WOW!! What a fantastic haul of freebies!! Lucky you...use it well and enjoy! LOL!

Lesley said...

You always win! lol