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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to make Porcelain Roses/A Flower's Meaning

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I am sure people are scrambling for those last minute gifts and cards. There will be many flowers purchased and delivered. Or you can make one! This is how to make a porcelain rose. (Well a faux one)You can choose any color. I chose white for Purity and innocence.(Not because I am, I just like the color) :)

I started with a regular silk red rose

I painted it with Annie Sloan Pure White. The paint gives it a shell coating that looks like porcelain.

I then got a floral wire and started to wrap the top to form a stem

Then I started to wrap the wire with floral tape

That is it! Now you can add color or just tint what you already have. I love these. I think it would look beautiful in a vase or just laying on a table.

Remember you can make Paper Roses too! I have a complete tutorial for you! Now here are some meanings of flowers to help you decide.

 Roses are the flower of love! Cabbage Roses are the Ambassadors of love and Rosebuds mean young love. White is Purity and Innocence, Red is love, Pink is sweetness, Yellow is Grace and Orange is Desire or Romance.

 Which one will you choose?

Tulips are a declaration of love

Peach Blossoms say "I belong to you"

Lilacs or Lavender "New Love"

Heartsease/ Pansy is "Think of Me"

Lemon Blossoms mean "I'll be true to you"

Lily of the Valley is happiness

Forget me not means True Love

Marigold is Fertility

I love all flowers and think any bouquet or single stem shows someone you care about them.

So will you buy some or makes some?

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miss flibbertigibbet said...

Love the roses! What a great look!

Donna Wilkes said...

The white rose you painted is so pretty, but I really loved the photographs with the meanings of each flower. I would choose lavender. I like plants rather than cut flowers.

Lindsay Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Loved the technique. Thanks for linking up to Artsy Corner :)