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Friday, May 27, 2016

Custom Desk at Dreamingincolor

Painting pretty things is a passion of mine. I love seeing a piece transformed. I love when furniture that may have winded up in a land fill or dump have been rescued. I love the way people care about this now. As a designer/artist I see furniture as statement pieces and even works of art in a home.

Now that I have my store, I am usually painting those custom pieces specifically for the customers that walk in the door with their favorite hand me down. Lots of my clients have trouble when it comes to picking colors for their pieces. I work with them by looking at their pictures and pinterest pages.

Painting unique pictures, details, monograms and stripes on furniture are my specialty. I have painted chevron and patterns before like my antique wardrobe and pictures like my Audrey Hepburn Piece. This time I found a wonderful french desk that I wanted to paint black and white stripe.

For those that are not sure about color, black and white will always go. I chose those colors for my custom desk at Dreamingincolor.

I went back and forth on making a decision to stripe it or use a script. The stripes won and I am so glad they did. I love the boldness of the piece and the endless style.

Now that laptops are used, people don't need big desks and these are an accent in the home.I sell a lot of  desks like these. 

Hand written notes are a thing of the past but I must admit that I love doing that on occasion. It is so fresh and personnel.
I can just imagine days gone by with a young lady writing or reading at this desk.

I have a french style desk in my home that I have painted and love. It is a great place to use my laptop to create my designs and write a sweet card. My paint swatches sit fanned on top. I love it sitting in my living room.

 I hope someone will come in that will cherish this lovely one.

I used Country Chic Simplicity which is a bright white and Licorice which is a true black. I did not distress this piece. I will let it wear naturally. I did wax it in a clear wax. I replaced two knobs and left the others original. The knobs are like the jewelry on the piece. These have silver studs around them. I love the edge it gives this desk.

Adding pops of color can change this piece and the feel in the room in gets placed in. Most people don't realize how important the right colors are in your home. That is the biggest challenge people have when I go to their home for a redesign.

I try to stay away from always doing neutrals. In this case it works. There is a place for it don't get me wrong and every room should have some but I have been so many places that have no color at all. I love color and will always decorate with it. This is not called Dreamingincolor for nothing! Ha!

Adding accent color to the neutrals in your home will give it life.

The green is just the pop of color I was looking for. This pretty chair adds a little character. Makes it appealing for the customer too. 

This is a one-of-a-kind custom desk at Dreamingincolor that someone can add to their home. I reinvented piece from the 50's that is solid wood, Not like the pieces of today that fall apart when you move them. This is something that will be around a while.

This is the before:

Really needed updating

I hope you like the transformation.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Patriotic Games

I grew up knowing the meaning of being patriotic. Knowing how to respect the flag and my country. Red, White and Blue was something to be proud of. 
For me, decorating with the flag and patriotic decor brings back wonderful memories of my childhood.

I had a conversation about this the other day with a customer at my store. Her son is in the military. She was concerned about how children today view our patriotic holidays and if they even knew the meaning. Made me wonder....

We said the Pledge of Allegiance in school and even sang patriotic hymns. They made me proud and happy. I admired the soldiers that fought for our freedom as I do today. Red, White and blue was family and friends, apple pie and picnics.

Fireworks in celebration 
It is up to us to teach our children well

We have had some wonderful memories and my family continues the traditions.

This holiday I will grill out again, put up my patriotic decor and enjoy my family.
I will pray for the men that continue to fight for our freedom and the families that have given up so much

My home will have my DIY flags and decor like my paint stick flag above. My store will be decorated again with the wonderful bunting I made using my Old Time Pottery vinyl cloth. It looks like Old time USA!

This year I added to the fun. I enhanced a Game of Corn Hole and Tic-Tac-Toe, purchased at Old Time Pottery, by painting it with the stars and strips creating a Patriotic Yard Game. It was a fun and easy project that I think old and young will appreciate

Find out how to make it over at the Old Time Pottery Blog!

I would love to know what your traditions are for the holidays we in America celebrate.

Do you create your own decor?

Leave a comment below.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to make a Picnic Wine Table {out of a Paper towel holder}

Now that the seasons are changing we will start looking forward to outdoor activities and entertaining. I enjoy having people over and usually entertain in our back yard. The flowers and trees are blooming and it is always so pretty.

Entertaining doesn't have to be stressful. I just had the sweetest picnic in the wildflowers. I went to Old Time Pottery in search of potted plants. They have so much in their greenhouse. They were just starting to fill it up. I got these beautiful geraniums.  As I walked the isles looking for some outdoor goodies I came up with an idea using a paper towel holder!

I absolutely hate putting my glass on the ground. So I came up with this idea and it was so easy to make. I really love it. I will be using this Picnic Wine Table at the beach too!

I am sharing the directions at the Old Time Pottery Blog.

I hope you click over and see the way it all looked.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Country Living Fair 2016

I am excited to be returning to the Country Living Fair again this year. Last year was the first year they had it in Nashville.  Well, Lebanon, Tennessee to be exact! Why not? Nashville is hot, hot, hot.
Forbes named Nashville in the Top 16 for Best places to travel to in 2016.
Travel and Leisure named Nashville Destination of the Year!
I can go on and on.

If you are a DIY'er, art and craft enthusiast, Country Living Magazine reader or just want to have some fun with creativity surrounding you, this is the place to be. 
I am so excited to be offering you a chance to win complimentary tickets for a weekend pass.

April 22, 23, 24, 2016 10am-5pm
James E. Ward Agricultural Center 
Lebanon, TN

Country Living Fair 2016 
Also extra opportunities for even more tickets! 
(scroll to bottom)

Everyone can enter!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Pallet

My new thing is storing pallets that are put together so I can decorate with them. I used them for my paper flower and for mounting various merchandise that I get in the store. 
It has been fun getting in all the spring items that past couple of weeks. It is hard not to go home with everything I love.

I found the cutest bunny and I knew I was going to have fun decorating with him. I wanted him to be the centerpiece for the spring season

A pallet bunny was what I decided. Bunnies are one of the things I think of when I hear spring. 

Every spring growing up meant getting the bicycle out and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful blooms that surrounded our home.  I had some glorious days on my bicycle. I would ride everywhere. We didn't worry about all the things we worry about today.

This project brought back those memories.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Outside Decor and Garden Art

 The past couple of days have been beautiful and the sunshine has felt so good. That is my cue to work outside. Last month I started on my front porch adding some color. Now I want to add a little garden decor. Problem is that it is still a little early to get the flowers I want.

 I was thinking of using succulents for this project but they weren't available yet. I did, however, find some beautiful cactus. So, I decided on a cactus garden with a whimsical watering can for the garden art. I will have to bring these in when cold or at least till more flowers come in season.

To see how to make this head over to Old Time Pottery Blog!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Porch Redo

Spring cleaning doesn't just start inside the home. Concentrating on the outside of your home is important too. It is time to get the winter grime and holiday leftovers cleaned up. 
I put all the holiday things away but there are always remnants that linger. I even found some glitter lying around on the porch. It looked like a thief came in the night and stripped the porch of all its pretty.
I have to say when it is cold I really don't even want to go outside never mind clean! It was starting to look really bad around here. The doldrums was taking over and the grey of the winter days was seeping in.
So how do you freshen up for spring when winter is still around?
You add color!

Cleaning the cobwebs and sweeping the dead leaves were the priority on the porch. There was even tape leftover in the walls from Christmas decorations. I cleared all of the garbage and fixed the furniture in a better position.

I can't believe it looked this bad! I was still finding leftover decorations. I moved the porch furniture in a better position and cleaned the door window .  I added my umbrella wreath I made last year and the color was already making me happy.

Pillows and cushions change things up. The color on this porch is a cream and with the white chairs it was just getting lost. I found the prettiest black and white cushions for the bottom of the rockers. I added some bright pink pillows for some color. I can change the color anytime throughout the year by switching out the pillows. Right now I was looking for something vibrant.

I also found some lawn art to put near the bushes. It is too cold to plant colorful flowers for color so I just inserted a few of these metal pinwheels.

I love the movement of the flowers.

I added some silk hydrangeas to the planter urns till I can plant some beautiful flowers.
Just a few key moves and freshening up with color and this front porch came alive even on this grey day.

I added a few accessories to the vintage trunk. A preserved boxwood wreath on an old window gave me some more green. I found some iron work and mounted it on the top of an old door to give it an architectural detail. Moved the theater seats to the entrance and it was a good start of a complete change. I would like to add an outdoor carpet under the rockers soon.

The front door got a fresh doormat. Now it is ready for guests!

The front porch came alive and it is so inviting now. 

Just a little time spent cleaning and adding some color will make the last few days of winter more bearable. This spring I can continue to add other features to enhance the look like carpet, wall hangings and fresh flowers.
I hope this redesign inspired you!