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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dreamingincolor Youth Art Competition June

2017 Art Competition Guidelines


Kindergarten through Twelfth grade

Judging and Winners

  • Dreamingincolor will host event.
  • A panel of judges throughout the arts community will be judging entries.
  • A finalist from each grade group K-1,2-3,4-5,6-7,8-9,10-12 Total 6 finalists
  • These finalists will be named best-in-show out of their group
  • Artwork of finalists must be delivered by June 7th 2017
  • All finalists and artwork will be featured at the June9th Boro Art Crawl at Dreamingincolor 504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro 37130 with a showing and reception Must be present.
  • Finalists will also receive a ribbon

Submission of Artwork

Create a Digital image of artwork using the hashtag #dreamingincolor
upload to facebook and tag Dreamingincolor (@blogdreaming)

Choose one or all:
upload to instagram and tag dreamingincolorblog
email to
bring a digital print of artwork to Dreamingincolor 504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro 37130

Make sure the image is clear and crisp. This is how it will be judged.
*Make sure we have a first name, grade and a way to get in touch with you if you are chosen.

Artwork theme

The theme for the Dreamingincolor art competition is “Summer fun”. This can be anything related to summer. Only one entry per student.

Media and Technique Requirements

Any of the following may be used:
  • Paint
  • Drawing Materials
  • Collage
  • Sculpting
  • Digital Illustration

Judging Criteria
A judge panel in the arts community will review artwork submissions based on the following criteria
  • Interpretation of Theme
  • Technical skill
  • Originality
  • Use of Color

Copyright Law
Any artwork that depicts copyrighted images will be rejected. Must be original ideas and created solely by students.

Deadline for entries
June 1st 2017 is the deadline for entries. If chosen we will contact you by June 5th 2017. All chosen artwork must be delivered to Dreamingincolor 504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro 37130 by June 7th 2017.

Thank you for participating!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Vegas Baby! Market Adventure

This year I had an opportunity to get away and shop for the store in Las Vegas. I was excited to be in a new place for some new ideas and inspiration. After the holidays I like to regroup my ideas, goals and dreams for the store.  Having a break usually does that. I plan for the whole year. If you have ever been to my store, you know I love to decorate. Sometimes I even have themes. I have decorated with scarecrows in fall, winter I have rooms to match the color themes and tree decor, and spring garden and flowers!

The marketplace had three buildings of home decor, gifts and furniture.
Pretty awesome stuff and it was pretty exhausting too. It is an art to shop for so many different holidays for the year, It can be mind boggling. I am still learning. Vegas didn't disappoint. Lots of eye candy!

Old and new, home and gifts. It was hard to choose.

The last day in Vegas I was able to get away and fulfill a lifelong dream. Every since I was little and saw the Brady Bunch go to the Grand Canyon I wanted to go. Do you remember that episode? OK it was a long time ago.

Well the weather was very cold. It actually snowed. It was too cold to go to the south side. So I didn't make it to the National Park but I did make it to the west side. The side the Indians own. It did not disappoint. In fact it was breathtaking.

I also walked out on the Skywalk. A glass bridge if you will, that overlooked Eagle Rock. It was a bucket list moment.

The was a picture of a picture showing it.

I went with my friend Patti. We got some great pictures. I can't show them all. Some of my favorites a guard took. I sat on a rock that was at a trail. It looked like I was hanging off. I would absolutely NEVER do this if it was dangerous. 

I also got to see the Hoover Dam and the Joshua tree forest on this trip.

I never have seen a Joshua Tree. This excited me.

The Hoover Dam was amazing too.

That night I visited Fremont street and watched some great live music and a wonderful light show. 

Had a blast and found some great things for the store. I can wait for you all to get a look at the goodies like these beautiful handmade chokers!!

My year started off right. Living up to my WORD of the year!

Come shop Tues-Sat 10a-5p!!
504N Maney Ave Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Fairy Garden Centerpiece

Adding a little spring to my home after winter is so important to me. I long for the flowers and colors after the cold snow and bare trees. One of the special parts of spring to me is looking out my window in my sun room and watching the baby rabbits play. I watch them throughout the summer as they grow. 

I usually start decorating as soon as Valentine's Day is over. I start introducing spring and rabbits to my decor. I keep rabbits out all year but gather them for a collected look for Easter.

Creating a new centerpiece every year that is different from the last is always a challenge. This year I decided to bring the outdoors in with a Fairy Garden Spring Centerpiece. I haven't really created a fairy garden. I did however showcase my friend's fairy garden. I loved it. So with a little twist to the norm I created this one.

Fairy garden accessories in baskets for a centerpiece is a little twist.

Filling the top of the basket with styrofoam will allow for the grass patch and fairy garden picks to be added. It also fills the area to raise everything to the top.

There are many miniature pieces to choose from. I have a love for miniatures and have used them for many years in different ways. Doll houses and design and now fairy gardens.

I mimicked my backyard with the frolicking bunnies as my design.

I gathered some beautiful silk flower stems and tossed on the table to look like fresh cutting from the garden. I have to tell you the look so real. I love the colors too. The best part of my backyard is gathering the fresh flowers as they bloom. My spring flowers are the prettiest and are more abundant.

They look real right?

I had to attach an arched door to the side of the basket. It was so Fairy-like. It was the finishing touch.

It is whimsical and sweet.

This fairy garden spring centerpiece will last a long time on my table. This decor is timeless.
Spring beauty to enjoy everyday.

This idea can be used outside too. Fairy gardens are flexible. Try this in a flower pot on your porch.

The sunshine peered through the window and the colors seemed to intensify. Looking at this makes me happy and brings back sweet memories of spring days in my garden and also of my youth. I am ready for the colors to start rushing back and the wind to sing the song of spring.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Word of the Year

One of my favorite things to decorate with are photo frames. I love creating with layers and texture. Frames give a lot of alternatives. Of course I like to use them in different ways. Pictures are great but I also like using them to frame different decor.

The New Year has started and I wanted to do an inspiration wall. I came up with a word for the year and incorporated it in my design. I started with one of my oval frames I got at Dreamingincolor store.

The word I came up with for my inspiration for the year is FLY.
FLY like in soar, travel, take off in business etc.
The definition is to move in or pass through the air with wings
To rise in or be carried through the air by the wind
So this is how I came up with my ideas.

The first frame I used was a Laura Ashley frame. I remove the glass and backing. Only using the ornate frame I nailed it to the wall. I had this butterfly pin and added it to the middle. I love the meaning of the butterfly. Endurance, hope, change, life
It has wings for flight

The next one I used was a pretty turquoise frame. Keeping with the theme, I choose a nest that I also got at Dreamingincolor store. Again I removed the glass. This time I added a layer to the oval frame.

The eggs represent the birth of this idea. Representing birds,

The last frame I used was another Laura Ashley frame. I used the whole frame this time. I even used the paper insert because it was so pretty.

I printed my word of the year "FLY" and pasted it over the words on the paper.

I added my travel sign to the wall. I love the way it came out!!!

The accessories worked too and added to my travel inspiration. I had a book on Italy. The framed picture on the painted dresser was from when I was in Florence. One of my Dreamingincolor signs about travel was added too. This is definitely a wall of inspiration. I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer. I think my photo frames worked perfectly. It is something I will look at everyday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dreamingincolor gets the Ruthies Award

Murfreesboro, Tennessee is the fastest growing city in Tennessee and is 4th in the country. I hope that means something for our little historic town. There are lots of new things coming in and a few greats still here. Dreamingincolor store just celebrated 3 years in business. This is something I am very proud of. In today's world it is hard for small businesses to survive. Just thankful to be here another day!

Dreamingincolor has received a few awards this year too! I was just recognized with a 2016 Ruthie for Best Artist and Best Used Furniture Store. It is always great to be recognized for the work you do. Thank you Murfreesboro!

If you haven't been in to shop, we carry lots of unique items. Handmade, art, custom painted and built furniture. We offer upholstery, restoration, custom painting, and custom draperies. We build new furniture too! Lots of great things going on all the time.

And now we are ready for the holidays. All decked out with beautiful decor in every room. So come check us out.

Store Hours

Tues-Sat 10a-5p
Sundays after Thanksgiving 1p-5p

Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Hope to see you all for the holidays!

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