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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Decorating with dead things

There is something to be said for dried out nature. Although all this snow this winter has me yearning for spring blossoms and colors. I enjoy bringing the outdoors in even when there is nothing left to pick.

I love the colors of brown and white together. I love twigs and pine cones. Sometimes I even paint them to add a special uniqueness to the vignette I am working with.

It is definitely an inexpensive addition to design. It gives texture and adds a twist of interest to something plain.
Here are a few pictures of times that I have used things from winter.

                                    The top of a crepe myrtle branch. I love the little round balls.

                         Pine cones are all over the house.  Here are some I threw in a glass vase.

                                                    Dried hydrangea looks good anywhere.

                                                       Painted branches near the fireplace.

                                                             Dried boxwood topiary    

                  Paper Maple branches. You can see these in my later post of "Mixing It Up"

This has to be my favorite. It is a dried Allium bloom. It has great texture and is so interesting to look at.
So bring the outdoors in, even when it is cold, there is always some kind of nature to cherish.

God is a great artist! Leaving so much to inspire us. I feel so blessed to be able to stop and look and take it all in. It makes me thankful for all the beauty in the world. Take a moment to see it!

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