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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Decorating a Clip Board and a thank you!

I am really getting old! I hurt my shoulder in my sleep somehow and can't do anything!
I must have slept wrong on it! I did manage a little project to show you.

I wanted to put a clip board in the store so people can write their emails for updates on new pieces. An organizational item for my store.

Have you seen a regular clip board? They are so BLAH! This just wouldn't do for my little space!

I got some scrap paper and Mod Podged it to the front.

I really just did something random. I used a graphic from The Graphics Fairy that I printed for another project just because it was laying around.

I added some crinkle binding and a dried rose to the top clip.
I thought it was finished but it needed something else.

I decided to add some lace to the clip. I also added a pencil. I glued some of the binding to the pencil so it would stay with the board. I didn't like the plain pencil with it, so I wrapped it in scrap book paper. I really love the way it came out. 

I think I will make some more and sell them in my Etsy store. There are endless possibilities to this!

Funny how a little project can turn into something you didn't expect!

Enjoy your day!

Thanks to Whipperberry for featuring my Memo Board!



TheCrankyCrow said...

Now THAT'S a clipboard with class!! Love that cologne label from The Fairy....I'm gonna have to find a bottle of some sort for that one! Sorry to hear you're hurting...Yikes...It's bad when sleeping turns into a dangerous sport! Hope you get back to normal soon! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lesley Litrento said...

Nothing worse than feeling up to par. Maybe tonight a doctor will come to you in your dreams and repair it! lol Feel better Deneen.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

First of all I hope you're feeling better! And what a great idea for the clip board, Love the great graphics! thanks so much for sharing the inspiration on VIF, xo Debra

Mary said...

Feel better! Beautiful clip-board!