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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank You Party #2

It is that time again!

Having blogger friends that read and comment on my posts are so important to having a good blog! I try my best to thank everyone that has commented or featured my blog at one time or another. It NEVER seems enough. I don't have a linky party on my site so I decided in order to truly thank them I would have a Thank You Party!

What is a Thank You Party?
It is my way of giving back! I do this by Showcasing YOU! You read and comment the most!
All I ask is that you read this and GO VISIT the person. If you like them please follow them but that is up to you. If you do, you will be glad you did because they are truly sincere in what they write on your posts and who knows, you might want them to follow you too!

You might be next! I like comments so I am going to start doing this hopefully every week! 

Blogging is so much more than finding someone that does what you do, to me, it is exploring all around and learning things I never knew before. I like diversity! I like meeting new and different people.

My next follower is Robin from The Cranky Crow. She says she is "Cranky" but she is such a dear! Some of the sweetest comments I get are from her. Take a look!

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
....from TheCrankyCrow!

Wow....I am sitting here in my Halloween socks a little more confused and bewildered than even I normally am....
I am humbled that Deneen would ask me to be a guest of honor at her Blog Thank You Party (and let me wear my Halloween socks....) ~ but still a little befuddled as to why....and as to what I am going to say.....
See, I am NOT a Redo Queen like Deneen....
or like Queen Deneen's guest last week, the very talented Lesley from The Homeless Finch....
In fact, I am not really sure WHAT I really am other than cranky most days....
But, I guess the best place to start is to tell you a little about me and my blog....
I first started blogging about 8 months ago....and what an amazing journey it has been.  I have met so many amazing artists, friends, soul mates, kindred spirits and talented folk that my head is still spinning.....(Think that might have something to do with my confusion and bewilderment? Nah, you're right....probably not....)
As I say in my blog profile, I'm many things and not much at all....I am an attorney by profession (but currently not working), wife, and mother. I like primitive decor and crafts.....What crafts say ye??
Well, hooking....
RUG hooking (Exactly what kind of hooking were YOU thinking???!)....
And punch needle:
And cross stitch:
I love antiques and all things old (including my husband)....
In particular, I love.....
Old photographs:
 Old books:
Old Chocolate Molds:
Old cemeteries:
To see more of the things I love, check out this post and this one.
My blog isn't "neat and tidy" as far as the topics I cover....I go where my heart tells me to go.....One day I may take you on a tour of Nod (that's where I live...):

(You can see more here....)
Or I might take you with me on a very personal journey home:
 (You can see more here)......
Truth be told you (nor I) may really know what might show up on my blog....but it will be from my heart, and usually laced with a healthy dose of whimsy and nonsense (unless I'm feeling particularly cranky....)
Oh....and I LOVE this time of year, you'll see lots of that on my blog....The spooking hour is drawing near...and I've been decorating....Wanna peek??
 (Among other things, I have a degree in pumpkin hoarding....)
So....that's a proverbial nutshell.  If you'd like to know me a little better,  I recently did a post on getting to know TheCrankyCrow A-Z.
I'd love for you to visit....I'm probably not everyone's "cup of tea...," but believe that diversity is the true spice of life.  So I follow many different types of blogs (I started stalking following Deneen because I was mesmerized by her furniture transformations and amazing sense of style....), and am blessed to have to many different types of people follow my blog.  All said and done, though, my followers are some of the best folk you'll ever, ever, meet.
And Deneen....thanks for being one of them!!

Please go visit Robin and say Hello! If you like it there follow her!

Since this is a Thank You Party I want to thank Knock-Off Decor and The Vintage Farmhouse for featuring my Theatre Sign!

Happy Friday! 


TheCrankyCrow said...

Awwwww....Thanks so much Deneen....It's truly a strange sensation to see "me" one someone else's site....And I truly am thankful - and humbled. Smiles & Friday Hugs ~ Robin

Ronda said...

You go my girlfriend...great feature!!..

~Madalynne~ said...

Robin surely is a delight!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Oh my, those chocolate molds are spectacular! And such a large collection, too. It also sounds like Robin has a great sense of humor!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Deneen,
I think your Thank You Party is such a great idea and what a wonderful person to feature!!
I have had the privilege of getting to know Robin through blogging and she is a constant source of encouragement and laughter! I ALWAYS feel good when I hear from her and her example as a faithful blogger challenges me to do a better job at leaving comments....something I don't always have time for, but want to do more of!
Thank you for such a great post!
Blessings to you both~~

Kathy said...

I am visiting from The Cranky Crow and I love your idea of a thank you party.

Robin is wonderful I have only been visiting for a short while but we have a lot in common, antiques and halloween. It is good to find our so much more about her. I love the hooked pieces she featured and esp, love the choc. molds. I use to collect those and still have several. It is really fun to see how much we do have in common. Thanks for spreading manners. Thank You, Kathy

Lesley said...

Well....with a name with Cranky in it, I was stunned to hear banjo music!! lol So not cranky!

Thanks for the lovely compliment in your guest post and....if you are ever selling that vintage chocolate mold collection...please contact me first!!! They are to DIE for!

outjunking said...

You chose well when you chose the cranky crow. Such a cool blogger. She can make you feel right at home in the land of Nod.