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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Effects of Gamma Rays

This weekend I made a trip to Atlanta. Some of the best times are spent there! I love to go there to shop and I even made a trip to do an HGTV pilot this past summer. The most exciting thing for me though is when I go see my daughter perform on stage.

This play written by Paul Zindel is "The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds.

Catherine played "Ruth" a girl with many problems who is mentally unstable. A great role with many dimensions. One of her dream roles.

Unfortunately the pictures always come out weird because of the lighting. Also I am not much of a photographer!

I always love watching her facial expressions on stage and off!!

The bunny named Peter real name T-Pain lol.

Although it was kind of a depressing play, I still enjoyed the meaning behind it.

I usually do something for Catherine as a keepsake for her plays. She has had so many that she can look back on and remember.

This one was hard for me. I decided to make her something. So out came the good ole peat pot.

I stamped her character name on the back.

Ripped out a dictionary page with the definition of Gamma Rays and Mod-Podged to the pot along with a print of the program.

Filled it with marigold seeds and a diffuser with a bloom on top. Added some money and presto a keepsake for her to remember.
Over the years I have made many things. I love doing something special to represent the plays. Of course flowers are great but getting something that represents the actual play is priceless. I hope she will look back at this someday and remember all the great roles she has had.

Catherine will be performing February 23, 24, and 25th with  Georgia Shakespeare's production of "Blind Ed" If you are in Atlanta come check it out and support the arts!! Will be held at the Conant Theater on the Oglethorpe University Campus.


Unknown said...

Ah....the theatre. Gotta love the memories of my days back then. My junior year, I landed the lead role and my mother was so excited that she went out shopping and bought me a bunch of clothes and shipped them to me with a note that said something about wanting me to have nice things to wear since everybody was going be looking at me!!!!! What a silly woman. lol

outjunking said...

How sweet is that and thoughtful. I told my son the other day I had saved his manuscript from his senior play in high school and he was thrilled. Sharing memories with your kids grown or young, it doesn't get any better.
Have a great week,

Lisalulu said...

ahhhhh, I LOVE this (depressing) play, I remember scenes from this play I did in High School. HOW COOL (old) is THAT! at the Univ. Campus, can you say Famous!