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Monday, February 20, 2012

Designing a Bridal Show

Sorry it has been awhile that I have posted but I have been a little busy designing. Remember I told you there was a lot of exciting things happening! I have designed a lot of events over the years ranging from dances to banquets to brunches and teas! I have even designed some weddings. It may have been the start of the journey that got me to this next one!

This weekend was The Pink Bride Bridal Show in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

The day started out rainy and snowy but that didn't stop us or the hundreds of brides getting ready for their big day!

I was designing the event for Catalyst Wedding & Events.

 This isn't your ordinary event planner. Danielle, the organizer and creator of Catalyst, came up with an extraordinary idea, giving back!! Say "I Do" to being the change!

"Our mission is to create a lasting legacy as we help couples nationwide turn their wedding dreams into reality. Assisting in coordinating and designing, Catalyst Weddings & Events provides unlimited ways to give back creatively through every process of your big event. Say “I do” to being the change and making your wedding a life-changing experience that you, your guests and all the lives impacted will always remember!"

Great concept isn't it! It goes with her dynamic personality!

This is the sign I made to be used in the space.

This is how the space started.

I took the picture while we were setting up.

I have so many special things to show you but don't want to take up the post with to many photos and text. I will show you over the next couple of day the details that made this so special.

My friend Mary and I sketched out our ideas and created and designed a beautiful vintage display. We make quite the pair! We bounce off creative ideas that blossom into so many wonderful creations!
We work so well together and have a great partnership! We get really crazy and goofy but that's what makes it fun!

Creating a vignette on an antique dresser...

An old chair became a beautiful floral arrangement.

Brown paper faux frames made out of chalk became a wall papered back drop

Every detail was carefully thought out!

We were very pleased with the display! We received so many wonderful compliments that I can't begin to tell you how great it made us feel. All the hard work paid off in the end!
Thanks Danielle! Also thank you to Fred and Donna of Pink Bride Magazine for the many compliments of our space!

I will show you more of the details tomorrow!

Tell me what you think of it!

If you are getting married check out Catalyst Wedding and Events! Don't worry if you missed this one, we will be designing a totally different show on March 11th at the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs! 

If you are interested in designing services contact me here!


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outjunking said...

Can't wait to see more. I like that Magnolia Pearl feel it has.

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Looks awesome Deneen. You have gotten a lot of stuff going on girlfriend!

Drew Watts said...

This is very helpful information about arranging a a bridal show. Few months ago, arranged a wedding fair at one of local venues Chicago and got great response from everyone. Very happy that it was a success.