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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Graduation Gift

First I would like to thank Sandy again from Sandy's Creations for the giveaway. I received it and I am enjoying it so much.

My printing giveaway is still going on. Low numbers means easier chance to win so be sure to visit and sign up!  
Hurry it ends on May 17th!!!

This past weekend my Goddaughter graduated high school. It always amazes me how time just flies!
These special events make you realize just how quick things change. My sister did a great job getting her through high school as a single parent till just recently. There are always challenges with our children and I am glad that our family has strong faith to see us through. Tears were shed and smiles beamed from being so proud of her accomplishments.

My sister decided to order a sign from me. It fit her humor! She thought her daughter would love it!

Isn't it the perfect college gift from a mom?! It can stand in her dorm for her to look at as a reminder! Believe me they need it!! So appropriate!

I think I should put this in the Etsy shop soon! LOL

Enjoy Your Day!!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the book! Love the Mom sign :)

Sandy xox