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Monday, September 24, 2012

It is Bella Rustica Week!

Well it is here! The week we get all the stuff we painted, glued, sanded and cut done and loaded. It is a little stressful but that adreniline is what drives me! Keeps me excited!!

This will be my first Barn Sale. Curious to see how it will all turn out. Go to for details

This week is also when The voting is over for the Craft Room. Vote Here till September 30th!

I am making some signs for Bella too! They loved the Ticket sign I make so they are getting that for their ticket booth. \

 Don't worry if you can't make it you can purchase these in my 

I will also have some directional signs too. I am painting them with chalkpaint so they can reuse them next year!!

What fun these are to do!

Hope you like them Linda?

Time to finish the many projects started and not completed.....I guess it was an ADD moment!

Here is to getting my life and house back next week. Till then I will have a blast selling!!!

Sorry if you don't hear from me. I will try to post. Especially because there are a lot of fun things going on I can't wait to share. I will take pictures too!

PLEASE like me on FACEBOOK! I will post more about the week on my page!

I really hope to see some of you there!


reFresh reStyle said...

Have a great time! I can't wait to see the pictures of the sale and all of you guys!! I had to change my travel plans and won't be able to make it :(....maybe next year.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Good Luck and have loads of fun Deneen!!!
Prim Blessings