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Monday, November 25, 2013

Ice Skate Wreath

I was never really good at ice skating. My parent's got me lessons one year and I remember being really excited. 

Growing up in New Jersey, it was the thing to do.

We had a shallow lake near by that would freeze over in the winter. Everyone would go skate on it when it got cold.

And sometimes, if I was really lucky, I would get to go to NYC and skate in Rockefeller Center!

 When I was young, I did meet Dorothy Hamill at the Ice Capades in NYC. That was exciting. (that shows my age) Even got her autograph! 

When I got older I met Scott Hamilton. It may be corny but it was still a thrill. It is such a beautiful sport.

One year I got hurt skating and that was the end of my skating dreams.
I was never good at stopping and ran right into my mom.

She fell on top of me and her knee went into my shin bone causing it to be bruised.

I limped around for weeks while everyone had fun on the ice.

I hung up my skates and continued my love for skating in front of the TV.

I love watching figure skating.

So when I saw these skates I knew what I wanted to do with them.

I wanted to paint them white!

I had these for over a year with the idea to make a wreath with them but never got around to it.
Then I opened the store dreamingincolor!

I wanted to add my personality to the space.
What better way to be welcomed then this beautiful wreath?

I can still feel the chill in the air and the feel of the ice when I look at these skates. 

The only thing is...... I wish I had my original skates to use here. These are hockey skates that I had found and repurposed.

I have another wreath for sale at the store but this one is mine!

Some things you just gotta keep for yourself!

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Patty said...

I've always loved to skate, but there's not much ice in Texas. I did get a chance to skate while I was in Minnesota many years ago on a frozen pond and it was sure different! This year I asked family in Michigan to find me some old ice skates that I could use on a Christmas/Winter wreath and she scored! I'm so excited to have them and can't wait to decorate as you have. Thanks for the inspiration!

Colleen said...

A skater I'm not. I'm clumsy enough without having skates on.
I had thought about doing something like this.
Your wreath is lovely
I had seen a pair of skates at our local Antique Mall Store and thought about putting a pair of skates on our large sled that we have even tho we don't get much for snow and ice here but thought it would be pretty with decorated sled and the skates to go with the sled.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I love your wreath Deneen! Brings back memories. Growing up in the north, all 7 of us kids learned to ice skate by the time we were 3 and no training skates for us! I haven't tried it for years...I'd probably break a leg now!!

Cynthia said...

This is very pretty. I love ice skates for the winter season. I am going to get some old ones with some luck for next year in our new home. Nice to have another Jersey girl!!!