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Saturday, June 27, 2015

French Dresser

I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a young child. My love for art blossomed and my thirst for creativity did too. I began falling in love with the masters. Impressionist painting was always a favorite. I lived a dream two years ago when I traveled to Italy and got to see the Sistine Chapel and other Michelangelo works, among others like Leonardo Da Vinci. There is nothing like seeing and feeling a piece of art.

I am telling you this because a few months ago, during a paint class, one of my students had a frame that she was going to paint but wanted me to throw away the print inside of it.
It happened to be a Renoir print.
I didn't have the heart to throw it away. I loved it. I also knew that I could incorporate it in one of my pieces one day.

So like many other ideas and ended up on a shelf.
You know the shelf....the :someday" shelf! Ha!

Well I got the perfect piece of furniture to do a fun technique on. A french dresser. This piece sat in back of the store for a while till I could come up with an idea.

and I finally did...

and that little print that was a "someday" project became the main attraction.

I decoupaged part of it to fit the flat part of the dresser.
It didn't fit perfectly.

The best part of art to me is that it doesn't have to.

With some of my Country Chic Chalk and Mineral based paint, I started mixing colors to match the print and began painting.

I added the paint where the paper seam was to make it look more fluid. The eye continues and doesn't stop at the straight cut of the paper.

It was so much fun to do. Since painting furniture, I haven't had time to truly paint a canvas type painting. This helped the urge a little.

The details of the dresser fit the look of the painting too.

I love when a project comes together like this one. It sits in the middle of the floor for sale at Dreamingincolor!

Call 615-907-0091 if interested.

Hope you learned a little, got inspired, and just like it!

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1 comment:

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Great project Deneen. I love the transformation and the print, (which is one of my favorites) looks perfect on the piece. Great job!

Hope you are having a lovely summer.