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Friday, June 5, 2015

Entertainment Cabinet

Every now and again someone finds my store by taking a different route while walking through town. 

That is how I sold this entertainment cabinet. The customer stopped in to see if I had a cabinet that could be put on her back porch for all her husbands entertainment paraphernalia. At the time she stopped in we had several different types but nothing that hit her.

Then last week she went walking again. She decide to take another look to see if there was any more. As she rounded the corner, I heard a squeal. This was it. 

I had already started 

working on the piece. I had a great idea for it. I was going to give it a Restoration Hardware look by white washing over grey.

I found the entertainment cabinet that day and couldn't wait to start painting it.

I was solid wood and I loved the window pane look of the front doors.

I was going to show a step by step  how to on how to white wash.

I love this gray. It is called Rocky Mountain.

I added white with Simplicity.

Then with a wet rag pulled it off.

This is where she came in.

After showing my her beautiful outdoor area. We decided the red would put a pop of color in her space and go with all the items she had as a secondary color.

I think it really looks pretty.

From the moment I saw this piece, I knew it would go quick!
I would say it did. The painting wasn't even finished. Ha!

I wish they were all that quick!

So do you like the color change, or would you rather have the gray?

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Unknown said...

I loved the grey but I think it is beautiful red as well. My decorating taste just lean towards blue grey and white. Beautiful job.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

That is how I felt Cathy. Love both the colors. Thanks for the comment!