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Friday, July 31, 2015

Painted Antique Wardrobe

Wardrobes like these are hard to find. When I do find them I am amazed how beautiful they look when painted. The details show up so much more and the refreshed look makes them desirable.
I have painted a few antique wardrobes now and like any piece I do, I have to ponder about the way I decide to paint it.
Like this Audrey Hepburn one.
I want something different.
Something that isn't all over Pinterest.
Something artistic...

So I started painting this piece. I used Country Chic paint in Harmony and vanilla frosting. I added stripes with painter's tape and had to do some touch up when I pulled the tape off but all and all I love the way it came out. Paint really makes the piece come to life. All colors are fun. It just has to fit to me like my red wardrobe I painted.

As I said before, I like to study the piece and then I come up with what I like. This antique wardrobe had some great details. The wood on the doors had the grain angled down to the center. That is when I decided to use the stripes in the same direction as the grain.

There was only one knob so I knew I would get new ones. I used one of my layered painting techniques. I have done before on several pieces including this dresser. It has turned out to be one of my signature effects.

One the lines were retouched and everything looked good I add clear wax to finish. Antique wardrobes are being used for so many things now.
I have seen the in baby rooms and bedrooms but love the idea of using it in an office.

Seeing the antique wardrobe come to life is so exciting. It looks great in the store too. 

Do you think it was a change for the better?

What would you use this for? I would love to know.

Time to get back to painting! Thanks for reading.

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Steve Finnell said...
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Unknown said...

Beautiful job!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Very cute idea! Dianntha