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Friday, October 2, 2015

Monster Potion Bottles and Recipe

Halloween decorating has begun! So happy to share this awesome easy project with all of you.

Wonderfully creative and fun are the words to describe Halloween. 
I have always enjoyed this holiday because I enjoy decorating so much. This is the one holiday that almost anything goes! Some even enjoy a costume party or two!

This project of Monster Potion Bottles can be for adults or children. This one is kid-friendly. The adult ones would be using liquor added to the bottles. I made Monster Mason Jars in the past that were a big hit so I decided to create these.

I have an easy drinkable recipe too that is non-alcholic that I am sharing too.

How cute would these look on a bar or counter?

Now, I know you can just go buy some bottles anywhere but why not spruce them up for eerie cuteness?

I went to Old Time Pottery and found these adorable Halloween ornaments. Then some potion bottles. 

As you can see they needed a little pizazz

Supplies you need for the project are

potion bottles
bag of bones
hot glue
sierra mist

Wire the hand bones from the bag of bones by threading the wire through the holes in the joint of hand and wrap around leaving enough wire to wrap around bottle and put through other hand so that the bones will hang on either side of potion bottle

Now apply hot glue to the top of cork

Attach one of the ornaments. I choose the skull ornament.

attach the other to the different potion bottles so you can have a great variety to decorate with
I chose to work with the skull and eyeball

I then made the potion recipe


1 Tablespoon Jello powder
1/2 12oz bottle of Sierra Mist
 Make more for a bigger crowd if needed for a beverage

Pour the powder in the Potion Bottle then add the Sierra Mist
It will foam up and sit it the glass

It looks really cool!

I used cherry for the "blood" and lime for the "poison"

Vampire Blood


Put the cork with ball ornament on top and you get a great Halloween treat!

A cool drink and an adorable Potion Bottle to decorate your table.

Old Time Pottery had the most different bottles I have seen. Mason Jars that light up too.
So have fun with this. You can make this without stressing over time. 

Whose thirsty?


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