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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Harry Potter Party

Love fall and all it has to offer in decorating. This year the weather has been cooperating and it has been pretty nice and comfortable. Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro had its first Oktoberfest and Dreamingincolor had some fun!

I thought it would be nice to decorate with a Harry Potter theme for fall and have a party. We got all decked out on our porch with a Harry scarecrow and Hogwarts train. 

The train was built and painted and place across the poles of the porch.

So our platform 93/4 was in place. Complete with luggage and a white owl.

The brick was a backdrop that continued into the store as you entered into Diagon alley and the Owl Emporium.

Diagon alley and the Owl emporium filled the hall and then as you entered the big room in turned into the great hall with pumpkins and candles hanging from the ceiling. A game of quiditch was going on around the room.

I have to say the butter beer was a great treat that added to the whole event we had in Oct. It was a fun party and I had a blast with decorating the store in our fall theme

Can't wait to come up with something different for next years fall party and theme!

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