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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

When we first purchased our house the bathroom on the second floor really needed help. Both the kids used it and lived with the awful wallpaper and linoleum. The bathroom is very small so I knew it wouldn't be too expensive to upgrade a little. When my son moved out it became solely a "girls" bathroom. My daughter decided on taking it over! So being the princess she is, she needed a change.

I wondered how we could change it and still make it nice for guests. She wanted a princess girly look but was too old for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Oh yeah and she wanted it pink!

So the wallpaper came off! It was worse than it looks! lol
I wish I took more pictures but I didn't. See the linoleum floor? We knew this had to go!

We wanted tile floor for the bathroom.We picked out a neutral tile with a dark grout.

As we started to paint with the pink it looked like cotton candy and I just couldn't live with it so I had the guy at the paint store add a little brown to it to tone it down some.

We replaced the mirror, lighting and went shopping at Hobby Lobby for some fun inexpensive accessories.

This was a plant stand that was on sale for 9.99. I turned it into a towel holder. Since the colors in the bathroom are pink and brown, I bought 4 brown towels rolled them and stuck them through the center of the "plant stand". All her bath soaps and salts are in the metal planter on top. She loves it when she takes a bath.Everything is accessible.

I found a candle holder with a crown top for the vanity. I added some pink bath salts to it and used it as luxurious spa container.

We love the overall look and grown up feel!



Definitely deserving of my princess!


Carol said...

WOW! What a major improvement!!! I love the new look totally!

Deborah Jean said...

Beautiful,RICH AND elegant... perfect for a princess!
Love the pretty pink wall color...
Great job!

Karen said...

Hey a fellow Jersey girl,so nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting and following. Your bathroom looks beautiful and that is a gorgeous shade of pink.I'm now following.

Dawn said...

What an improvement. Looks like like a whole new room. Great job :)